Nu-Djent Might Be the Next Big Thing in Metal, Journalist Explains

Do you think this might actually work?

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Journalist Robert Pasbani from Metal Injection recently presented an interesting theory about nu-djent being the next big thing in the metal genre.

"Heavy metal subgenres are constantly evolving and I proclaim that the next big thing will be nu-djent, a sort of combo of nu-metal in the vein of Linkin Park and djent like Periphery and Animals As Leaders were doing," Rob kicked off.

"There are already bands that are arising that are melding rap metal and chuggy riffs," he continued, bringing up the likes of Devastator and Hacktivist as some of the possible early examples of the new genre.

"The only thing the genre needs now is a breakout band with a super catchy song," the report concludes. "I feel the elements of djent are melodic enough for a wider audience, even some radio play. All it will take is the right band to capture the right combo of djenty and nu-metal riffs and this will be the next big thing."

Do you think this might actually work? Let us know in the comments.

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    I'd like to see Ted Nugent get involved with a genre like this. Nu-Djent, Nugent? Anyone? ...I'll see myself out.
    I literally thought this was Ted Nugent's new metal band or something when I read the headline. I was like, "The Nuge is at it again, stirring shit up in the world!"
    Lol funny story actually, I just optimized my Strat to play Djentcore, this morning....
    Ugh, you're so ignorant - you also need another string for those octave jumps.
    Hahahah Reminds me of this video by steveterryberry on YouTube "How to be Djent" Look it up it's hilarious
    Love that video! And on my take of the subject: I don't care. Really, I'm just hoping most metalheads can get their heads out of their asses and start being a bit open minded, even if the music IS bad. Who cares? It's called "Guilty pleasure" people!
    Thanks that kinda made my day I've never heard this djent genre before but I watched that 1st video and all I could think was WTF does the guy need that many strings for, he plays like 1 note
    Counting the days till Countrycore...
    To be honest my friends made that like 7 or 8 years ago. they only had one song and it was stupid as hell but, funny at the time.
    Sadly Nu-Country is here, look up Bro-Country, so it's not far off. Edit: Was the Countrycore supposed to mean going back to its roots or going farther down the shitter?
    There was a black metal/country band back where I used to live and they were actually really good.
    This is exactly what we need, even more pointless heavy metal subgenres. Sure, some are necessary, you can figure those out for yourselves, but Nu-Djent? Really? As the article says, it's just Nu-Metal with a "djent" chugging guitar sound, why does that need a category to itself?! Mind you, I lost hope when a band got called "Crabcore" because of a pose made by one of the guitarists in the f*cking video...
    Well really, if it happens that there appear many bands which are "Nu-Metal with a "djent" chugging guitar sound" then that entire phrase would be the category you would put these into. Regardless if the category has an explicit name or not, it will still be a category. Giving it a name just makes it easier for everyone. When I looked at the word (phrase?) Nu-Djent, it was clear to me that it meant, in your words, "Nu-Metal with a "djent" chugging guitar sound". So I'm going to call it that because the point of the genre name is to describe the music without hearing it in a short phrase. Existence of sub-genres really doesn't affect anyone but those, who are (for the reasons I don't understand) concerned with a genre name itself. For everyone else, it's a descriptor, and for those who know about them it helps to describe the music to other people easier. My point is, you don't have to call this Nu-Djent if you don't want to. You can call it Nu-Metal, and that might suffice. But you know that in some cases elaborating, that it has that djent chugging would help where it's appropriate (i.e. the other person cares). So just calm down, dude. The world is no different from having another sub-genre and you don't have to care if you don't want to.
    Preach it. Sub-genre titles are really only meant to make it easier to reference a certain sound.
    I think my problem is that I don't get why djent is even a genre in the first place. From what I'm aware of, it's a chugging riff on an open E (maybe? I don't know) which, from what I can tell, has been around since the first thrash bands.
    I'm completely on your side. Besides one part.What else then crabcore does describe the movements of the guitarist ?