Oasis' Noel Gallagher: Dave Grohl and Josh Homme Are Making Boring Music

Green Day too.

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Oasis' Noel Gallagher: Dave Grohl and Josh Homme Are Making Boring Music

Oasis' Noel Gallagher said many of today's top rock acts are taking a "boring" approach by "shouting about the fucking news," saying (via Alternative Nation):

"I think that it's very easy for guys with guitars to pick up those guitars these days and just sing about what's on the news.

"I don't know what the point of all of that is. I think to write songs in this day and age that are full of joy and hope, is almost revolutionary.

"I think that guitar music has become more about fucking shouting, like Dave Grohl, what's he on about?

"Green Day, and the guy from Queens of the Stone Age, what are they shouting about? They're shouting about the fucking news. Who wants to sing about the news?

"The news is boring. Donald Trump is fucking boring. Politics is boring. The little fat guy from North Korea, he looks funny, but he’s fucking boring.

"So why would you want to write music about that [stuff]? I think to write songs about joy and hope is fucking revolutionary. There, I just said it, revolutionary."

Interestingly enough, Homme recently said that his goal as a musician is "to be someone's escape" and sing about the state of the world, explaining on Mornings With Zan back in August:

"I always wanted to be someone's escape.

"People talk about the state of the world today, but I always see as many rules and bullies as I do hopeful moments and flowers growing, and puppies running through the grass.

"I think there needs to be a place where escape is valued, other than ice-cream parlors and video arcades.

"I'm here to make Saturdays out of Mondays, and to turn noon into midnight."

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    not everything is gummy bears, rainbows and pussy farts Noel. 
    Exatly! Everything else is butthole farts... coming from that gummy bear chasing the rainbow.
    Charlie Walker
    First, in reference to the QOTSA criticism, wtf are you on about?! Have you even heard the last albums? What news are in reference there? Or in ANY of the albums?! Second, if singing about news is boring, what is singing about love, the most explored subject in the whole goddamn world?! Third, if these legends in the making are boring, what the fuck are you, you future historical footnote??
    I would not call QOTSA's last two albums boring.
    I would not call any of their albums boring...
    True, I think they're all really good. But 'Like Clockwork...' and 'Villains' really blew me away. Either way, great band.
    Interesting on the variety of opinions for Villains.  Personally, I think it is their worst album by a significant margin.  I listened to it a bunch of times all the way through and found nothing worth putting into my playlists.  Some cool vocal melodies with the grooves in the Way You Used To stands out I guess, but meh. I loved Like Clockwork.  My favourite queens album. I Appear Missing still blows my face off even after the millionth listen.    To me Villains is too much noise.  I think they are best when spending less time screwing around with their vast array of pedals like in Villains.   QOTSA are one of my favourite bands.
    I had similar thoughts but I gave it few listens but I now love it and I'm sure Unreborn Again is the best song that came out this year (well for me)
    Look at the tracklists man. 1 - Down with GOP  2 - DPRK LOL 3 - Hollywood Pedos ...
    this guy refuses to reunite a band with millions of fans because he hates his own brother, so I'm not surprised he constantly spews shit out of his mouth.
    His bro is doing incredibly well at the moment. His new album just broke the record for 1st week vinyl sales in 20 years plus made its debut at #1 selling more than the rest of the top 10 in the UK combined!
    Foos are boring.  It's Dave's charisma that separates them from bands like Nickelback.  However, Noel's music since the 90s ain't nothing to write home about either. It's even more boring. Noel and his brother are much better entertainers than musicians.
    Thank you! Foo's = Nickelback!
    Really ?? I think the Pretender is a phenomenal rock song.  I love playing the intro riff which I think uses the structure of the guitar in an elegant way, and seems to have required at least a little more thought than what am I used to with Nickelback.  Those same chords used in the chorus flows so nicely in a progression that at least marginally steps outside the standard.  I think the bridge guitar while simple, works great and he uses it to well to enhance the emotional arc of the song.  The arc that gets really high, almost climactic at the end of the bridge, but drops down afterward momentarily in order to make the next chorus really pop out.  And when Dave screams his lungs out at the end and concludes with the two sets of four chords I am left immensely satisfied.        I think the Foos have other great songs as well.  However, the main difference to me is Chad seems to be doing what will sell and has no real rock soul; whereas Dave studied under one of the masters of rock soul, did he not ?  Something Like Photograph is just such an emotionally limp song to me.      Maybe soul in music is subjective.  Personally, I don't think so for the most part.  And granted in the big picture of music and culture, Nickelback and Foo Fighters may be more similar than they are different. But songs like "Rockstar" and "Gotta Be Somebody" ?  Those just have a chesse odour that I never got from the Foo's.  And if you aren't a huge foo fighters fan I totally get that, although I love them, I suppose you can get by alright without them.      To me Nickelback is just sooo shit though that comment bugs me.       And for what it's worth I am Canadian so I am inclined to show love to Nickelback but I just can't. 
    "...Chad seems to do what will sell and has no rock soul" Not entirely true. While you are right in saying Chad writes music that will sell (the sappy ballads), when he does the heavier stuff he does it damn well, he and the rest of the band are absolutely firing on all cylinders.  That's what bothers me the most with Nickelback. They clearly enjoy playing heavy music, but won't commit to it fully for commercial reasons.
    And that's why, in my opinion at least, they're vilified so much. They got the skills, they've obviously got the spirit, but they choose not to use it.  Instead, they make piles of dough.  I get that, but I'm not a fan. 
    I like Foo Fighters more than Nickelback, but I'm not gonna sit here and act like they're musically superior. Honestly, I'd probably give that one to Nickelback.
    A lot more effort has gone into that comment than into coming up with that chord progression for Pretender.  If you wanna compare bands, you can't take one or two songs from both of them. Give Silver Side Up a listen (the only album by them I actually like). At least.  Then compare it to whatever from Foos and get back on that part of the comment about 'rock soul'.  As I said, people like Foos because of Dave's charisma, and your comment kinda proves it.  ps Dave was a drummer. A damn good one, too.  I'm glad he didn't cash in on his Nirvana legacy, but cheese is what he does. Whether he writes, sings or just talks. He's got a knack for sailing the seas of cheese and he utilizes it well.
    Charisma -   A rare personal quality attributed to leaders who arouse fervent popular devotion and enthusiasm.    To me, having "soul" means a cosmic energy, inner substance, emotional fervor, a personality with spiritual depth.   I think it is tough to have charisma without soul.  Do you disagree with my definition of soul ? Or do you think you can project charisma without soul ?
    IMO the lyrics in Rockstar are the definition of cheese. Zero subtlety or attempt at craftsmanship.  He missed the step where after thinking of what it means to be a rockstar, you take those ideas and craft them into interesting lyrics; not just write them exactly as they are.  Same thing with  "Photograph" and "How You Remind Me" and "Too Bad" etc If you said the Foos are cliched, I couldn't argue with that.  However it seems contradictory to say that someone who reeks of cheese could have so much charisma.  If you think cliche means cheese, I don't.  And I see you have Metallica listed as one of your favourite bands.  Metallica solos are full of cliche's, but that doesn't make them cheesy to me.
    I reckon his High Flying Birds stuff is way better than the Oasis material. A lot more mature and developed.
    Everybody has their own opinion... This article has no sense to me. Noel you seems as desperate man who wants some attention.
    This coming from the guy who has written nothing but boring music for 20+ years... he's not necessarily wrong...  but look in the mirror bro
    Can’t say much about qotsa, but I always found Foo fighters to be meh. Never understood why grohl is president of rock, he pales in comparison on all stand points to those who put rock n roll on the map. I suppose Grohl, in my humble opinion, is due to lack of a better option. 30-40 years ago he wouldn’t have had a prayer to get any recognition. Alright, now that I broke the cardinal rule of not worshipping Grohl, I shall go duck and cover.
    to each his own but Foo Fighters are IMO a killer band. Concrete And Gold is also one of the best rock albums of 2017 so far.
    look at all those likes!  one was from me.  not a Foo Fighters fan...there's a handful of stuff by them that I really like but nothing recently I don't think.
    I agree 100%. To each their own but I've never understood why the Foos are the greatest band ever. A few fun songs but yeah - they all sound the same and they're decent at best. No crazy musicianship and forgettable lyrics. I will say, Grohl seems like a super genuine dude. I don't know the him but he seems like a class act - and I'd love to pick his brain about the Nirvana days.
        At my time of posting here you have 13 votes and are +3.  I guess people aren't as Grohl-centric as you might think ?       And I love the Foos but don't strongly disagree with any of your comments.  I don't really think anyone today compares to those who put rock n roll on the map; speaking outside of metal.  Although to me something like the Foo Fighters hits a different nerve for me, compared to classic rock.  Different roles in my listening routine.
    I tend to like Noel, but not sure he has listened to Queens of the Stoneage at all..... Josh is almost a crooner (certainly not a screamer) I did not care for the new Foo Fighters record at all, so i cant argue that,  The new Queens on the other hand, that was one of the most refreshing albums i've heard all year!
    You should definitely check out the new foo record, very colour and the shape sounding
    i am sure dave and josh are going to take notice of a bloke who had a fucking scissors player in his band. scissors! the fucking whopper.
    New Noel album out this month. Let's see how many songs mention the fucking weather. Noel is the epitome of a say-what-you-see songwriter. 
    Not sure you can say that Josh Homme 'shouts' about anything, he's clearly a good singer. He's also been quoted as saying their music (particularly the latest album) is free of politics. Heard the build up to Noel's new album release that it was going to be some crazy, psychedelic experiment. Then I heard it, and it's just...erm...boring. 
    Didn’t Noel Gallagher just do backing vocals for “We Got the Power” on the new Gorillaz album... Which was an album about the emotional response to today’s political climate?
    He clearly didn’t read the interview with Josh Homme where he specifically said he wanted Villains to be an escape from ‘the bullshit of today’. Clearly didn’t listen to Villains either.
    He is right about Foo Fighters becoming boring though, their last album should be called ‘middle aged,’ that being said, at least they haven’t reverted to scissor players!!
    Has he actually listened to any of the bands he is talking shit about? Better yet, when was the last time that Oasis idiot actually wrote any music worth listening to?
    I agree with him on the ¨joy and hope¨ thing. It´s interesting to hear heavy music with lyrics outside the anger/hate/sad spectrum. The Foo Fighters and QOTSA comments make no sense whatsoever though.
    I feel bad for Noel Gallagher. He must be a sad, sad man to have been reduced to nothing but a troll. I have found his interviews a little entertaining, but to me QOTSA has always been outside the box and their new album is especially refreshing. If you're going to shit on something at least have a valid point.
    Wow! A post from Noel Gallagher where he doesn't slag off his brother?! Impossible!
    I love all the old rock artists to death but theyre getting stale starting to sound like bad classic rock impressions.
    He's just mad because nowadays he has to make his tea himself
    I know not everybody would agree with me but I found ...Like Clockwork to be a masterpiece. It had a great sound and production. The last two minutes of I Appear missing where the guitars basicly let loose was like rock n roll bliss. Even the artwork and videos by Boneface were really cool. I want to like Noels new music but it just doesn't do it for me. Joshua and Dave keep making interesting content however Noel seems to be just riding the coatail of Oasis's past successes.
    I like you Noel, but you sound like an old man who doesn't really understand what he's complaining about here.
    Politics are a lot of things but "boring", especially right now, is certainly not one of them. How disconnected from the real world do you have to be to say such nonsense?
    the good Oasis songs aren't even that good, Oasis are some of the most hyped up shit out there is you ask me
    Regardless of anyone's opinion of any of the bands mentioned, Qotsa doesn't ever really seem to make any songs, from any albums, about politics or whatnot. Can't say much about the Foos because I'm not too familiar. Green Day certainly got a little heavy into it later in their career, but, as watered down, poppy, and commercialized their music is, they probably certainly consider themselves punk rock, and punk has always been heavy into politics.
    In his defense though, the music of queens of the stone age, foo fighters and new green day is stale predictable garbage bullshit for mindless basement dwellers with no opinions or individual thoughts.  Am I right here, guys?
    The news? Where exactly? They're just better lyricists. I heard your last album Noel, you should not be talking about "boring".
    I haven't listened to any new queens but I am not digging the new Food album at all. So as much of a douche as I think this guy is I have t.o partially agree.....
    "I'm here to make Saturdays out of Mondays, and to turn noon into midnight." 👌