Oasis Rumoured for 2014 Live Reunion After Cash Offer for Comeback

"No comment" on plans from Liam spokesperson.

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Oasis have been rumoured for a reunion in 2014 to mark the 20 year anniversary of their debut album "Definitely Maybe" - despite constant denials from both Gallagher brothers that they will get back together.

Tabloid sources claim Noel and Liam Gallagher have been offered an enormous sum to perform live next year, with an unknown source telling the Daily Mail (via Gigwise) that they would perform "Definitely Maybe" live, and in full to mark it's two decade anniversary. A spokesperson for Liam Gallagher refused to comment on the speculation when approached by Gigwise for a statement on the situation.

Noel Gallagher dismissed suggestions of an Oasis reunion in March 2013, when it was suggested the band would reform in 2015 - although at the time referenced an event to mark the "Definitely Maybe" milestone. "I wish people would give it up it's not going to happen, for no other reason than we've moved on," Noel said in an interview with Time Out Dubai in March 2013. "That's not to say it won't happen in 25 years time, or 20 years. And where did this mythical date come from anyway? Why not 2017? Why not 2014?"

He continued, "Why not celebrate the release of 'Definitely Maybe' never mind 'Morning Glory.' I understand people are interested, and the Stone Roses have done it, and Led Zeppelin have done it, and blah, blah, blah."

Do you believe in Oasis reunion?

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    Tomorrow's news article "Noel refuses to be part of oasis reunion. 'Never going to happen'"
    If it does at least you know they don't give a crap about all the fans that asked for this for years, but they do care about money. That would make me lose the respect i have (left) of Oasis.
    But Noel DOESN'T give a crap about the fans. He never did, that's always been clear. You put out songs, you tour, the end. He's done that for more than two decades, so I can see why he isn't moved to play big headliners for nostalgia purposes. He did Oasis for years and years and now has a successful solo career. And he's old and boring live. He wants to slow down. Not everyone wants to be a Pete Townsend or a Mick Jagger. His previous words went along the line that he wouldn't reform Oasis unless him '...or Liam is skint'. And the two of them have good income coming in right now. Honestly, as good as Oasis were, the group wasn't working. With Noel on the road performing Oasis songs and solo tunes (he was the better frontman of Oasis and wrote all their best songs except Songbird) and Beady Eye possibly getting back after Gem's recovery, you can still hear the tunes and see the members. tl;dr- Bonehead quit long ago and Noel doesn't fancy the idea unless his extended family needs it. This isn't going to happen unless their financials change drastically within the next six months.
    "Noel was the better frontman" ahahahaha apart from the fact that he was never, he's not, and will never be a frontman. Without Liam as frontman, nobody would know about Noel. For your info, Oasis was LIAM's band, formed by Liam, fronted by Liam, name given by Liam, girls in love with Liam, not Noel who was ugly as f*ck, Liam best voice of the 90s, etc. Noel singing in falsetto to reach the high notes is good for backing vocals. "wrote all their best songs" ahahaha hilarious... STOLE the best songs, and he's still paying. The only 2 good albums were the first ones, full of songs by the Griffiths. Also, for your info, 24 Oasis songs are not by Noel, and many by him sucked.
    To me it's still too early. They'll definitely get back together since they're brothers and one can stand only so many awkward Christmas lunches, but it's still too early.
    meh. I'd rather play the actual album in full to mark the 20th anniversary. Then at least we can reminisce about the days when Liam was a decent singer and didn't have a voice like a dying vacuum cleaner...
    "Tabloid sources claim" Come on UG, I was actually excited for a moment... not kewl But yea, it's probably gonna happen someday, but I don't think it'll happen in a very near future...
    It won't happen, it'd be cool if it did but I really can't see Noel ever agreeing to an Oasis reunion.
    Noel is still paying for all the songs he copied, that's why he's secretly interested in a reunion. But before that, pharmacies requested another Low Lying Turds album as a cure for insomnia.
    Please let this happen. If Noel doesn't want to be part of it, then fine. Liam should just have his Beady Eye guitarist fill in for him.