Oasis Rumoured for 2014 Live Reunion After Cash Offer for Comeback

artist: Oasis date: 09/16/2013 category: music news
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Oasis Rumoured for 2014 Live Reunion After Cash Offer for Comeback
Oasis have been rumoured for a reunion in 2014 to mark the 20 year anniversary of their debut album "Definitely Maybe" - despite constant denials from both Gallagher brothers that they will get back together.

Tabloid sources claim Noel and Liam Gallagher have been offered an enormous sum to perform live next year, with an unknown source telling the Daily Mail (via Gigwise) that they would perform "Definitely Maybe" live, and in full to mark it's two decade anniversary. A spokesperson for Liam Gallagher refused to comment on the speculation when approached by Gigwise for a statement on the situation.

Noel Gallagher dismissed suggestions of an Oasis reunion in March 2013, when it was suggested the band would reform in 2015 - although at the time referenced an event to mark the "Definitely Maybe" milestone. "I wish people would give it up it's not going to happen, for no other reason than we've moved on," Noel said in an interview with Time Out Dubai in March 2013. "That's not to say it won't happen in 25 years time, or 20 years. And where did this mythical date come from anyway? Why not 2017? Why not 2014?"

He continued, "Why not celebrate the release of 'Definitely Maybe' never mind 'Morning Glory.' I understand people are interested, and the Stone Roses have done it, and Led Zeppelin have done it, and blah, blah, blah."

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