Obituary Part Ways With Bassist

artist: Obituary date: 09/16/2010 category: music news
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Bassist Frank Watkins has confirmed to that he is no longer a member of the veteran Florida death metal act Obituary. Six Feet Under/ex-Massacre bassist Terry Butler has been playing bass for Obituary on some of the band's most recent dates, leading to speculation that Watkins had left the group. When asked about Frank's absence from Obituary's recent tours and whether Butler is a permanent addition to the band's lineup, Obituary guitarist Trevor Peres said late last month in an interview with Contraband Candy, "Nothing's permanent. We want [Terry] to be our bass player permanently. Obviously he plays in Six Feet Under, and we're trying to make the schedules work like a puzzle so he can play in both bands. He doesn't really wanna jump ship from Six Feet, 'cause he has a good situation there, but we want him to play with us, so it's all good. And the reason we don't have Frank Watkins anymore is... just because." When contacted Watkins via e-mail and asked him for a clarification regarding his position in Obituary, he replied, "I cannot elaborate on what is going on at the moment but I am Not playing with Obituary anymore!" Watkins has been a touring and recording member of the Norwegian black metal band Gorgoroth since December 2007. For more information, go to this location.
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