Oderus Urungus' Final Interview Surfaces: 'I Just Wanna Go Hard as F--k Until I Die'

artist: GWAR date: 03/26/2014 category: music news
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Oderus Urungus' Final Interview Surfaces: 'I Just Wanna Go Hard as F--k Until I Die'
Late Dave Brockie's (aka Oderus Urungus) final interview has recently surfaced, giving us a chance to see GWAR frontman's more mellow side without his typical wild rants.

Chatting with Andrew Haug, Brockie shared a genuine love of life and rock culture, saying, "We've got this one time, this vital, beautiful, amazing time that we're alive. Let's. Go. Hard. Let's go f--king hard.

"I remember when I was a f--king 18-year-old street kid in DC, walking in to see a band called Minor Threat," Dave continued. "Years have gone by and now I'm f--king 50 years old and like, I just wanna go hard as f--k until I die. And I'm not a drug addict, I do like alcohol and I like weed. And this is one thing I will say to every single band out there - don't get f--ked up with the coke or heroin, all that bulls--t, just drink and smoke weed.

"And go hard, go hard 'till you die, go hard 'till death," the frontman concluded.

At the end of the chat, Oderus was asked to pick a single track from the GWAR catalogue. Opting for "Baby Raper," the frontman noted: "I feel people are raped at birth. From the very beginning we're f--king raped with dogma, that's bulls--t. They don't let us be our own selves.

"And you know what? F--k them. F--k the police. F--k the military industrial complex. I grew up on the f--king Sex Pistols, Minor Threat and motherf--king Crass and I'm never, ever gonna put down my sword. But it's a rubber sword, it's a non-violent revolution and that's what I'm about."

The interview was conducted on March 1 at this year's Soundwave Festival in Australia. Brockie has passed away about three weeks later, on March 23. Give the full interview a listen below.

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