Official Jeff Hanneman Memorial in LA Announced

Fans are welcome to the memorial event at 3:30pm in LA next Thursday - see the full details here.

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An official memorial to remember the recently deceased Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman will take place on May 23 at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles from 3:30 to 7:30pm.

Fans are welcome to the free event which will operate on a first-come-first-served basis. Parking is available around the venue.

Hanneman died of alcohol-related liver cirrhosis on May 2 this year. He was only 49-years-old, but had been out of action after contracting a flesh-eating disease in 2011. It is believed that Hanneman caught the virus from a spider bite.

Remembering their fallen bandmate, members of Slayer posted their favorite memories of him in a recent statement.

"I had so many great times with Jeff," said guitarist Kerry King. "Jeff and I went to one of Moscow's military museums. I'll never forget him walking around that place, looking at all of the tanks, weapons and other exhibits. He was like a kid on Christmas morning. But that was Jeff's thing, he knew so much about WW II history, he could have taught it in school."

Will you attend the Jeff Hanneman memorial event? If not, how have you been celebrating the life of this great guitarist? Let us know in the comments.

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    Have fun getting your asses handed to you by pissed off Slayer fans, WBC
    That's why they do it though, they do it so they get attacked and then they sue.
    Someone said it in one of the previous articles:" They can't sue if they're dead."
    whatever happens, just make shure not to make the first move, if they do ANYTHING then go, otherwise we ill end up the bad guys for attacking partaly innosent stupid pepole
    I'm not going to the memorial (I'm not from USA). I'm not really a Slayer fan, but I really admire (and get a good laugh from) the fanatical loyalty of Slayer fans. This whole thing with WBC made me give Slayer a few more listens, just because I despise WBC for showing up at Dio's funeral. But this is something completely different and I'm interested to see how it goes.
    I hope physical alterations do not occur. It will not help. If anything, I'd like to see someone bring a really loud PA, aim it at the WBC folks, and just crank Slayer as loud as you can legally get away with to drown them out/annoy them. As much as I like to fantasize about them being slayed, it really would probably make things worse for metal fans and possibly draw sympathy for the WBC.
    There is a special place in hell for people that disturb funeral services and memorials. Freedom of speech goes both ways. Your free to voice your opinion and I'm free to tell you to shut the **** up. If the WBC put that kind of energy in to something wholly positive maybe it would be something admirable versus just pissing off non-fanatics. I'm a Christian and I mourn with those in the slayer family.
    I hope it's televised. I'm interested to see how the fans react to the bat-shit crazy WBC people.
    I want to use this space to suggest the posibility of bringing some gear to the memorial, and something to plug everything in, so if westboro goes and do their "parody" of Crazy Train, fans of slayer can simply answer back with Covers of Slayer at full volume. ... Or we can all simply scream "WAR ESEMBLE!" and beat the living shit of them.
    Though not in any way an official event, there's a memorial show tomorrow night at the Analog in Portland. Live Undead (Slayer tribute band fronted by former Everclear bassist Craig Montoya) will play, along with Spawn and The Suppression. I realize that this is sort of a show promotion, but they asked how we'll be celebrating Jeff's life, and I will definitely be at the show. It's a Friday night, Live Undead is fantastic, and it's a tribute to Jeff. It's gonna be great!
    Isn't that great, everyone just focuses on WBC, where this is a ceremony to honor one of the best guitarists in metal. Yes they are idiots and condescending to everyone, but if this situation gets out of hand you will just prove society, that metalheads are the stereotype they describe us to be.
    We should be proud of the stereotypes society gives us. Sure we're all actually not evil, violent people but its kinda fun to have that image right?
    I agree with you if that stays on stage. But those stereotypes that society gives us are usually stupid and derogatory to any group, community or race.
    May 24, 2013 "Hollywood Palladium sound system severely damaged after being cranked to 11"
    If I lived closer to Los Angeles, I would definitely go. I'm a big fan of his music and I hope he rests in peace.
    FFS people, forget about the Phelps cult for a few minutes and remember that we lost an invaluable member of the guitarist brotherhood. May he Reign in Blood.
    Long Distance
    I honored Jeff with a 3-day Slayer marathon. My brain has turned to mush, but it was worth it. R.I.P.
    ib4 WBC
    Well, apparently, my internet was 3 comments late. Downvotes serving me right, I suppose. Anyway, I don't live in the USA, so all I can give is overseas respect.
    THE WBC, there god is ordering them to go picked Jeff's funeral i guess thats what you call Mandatory Suicide. but this memorial should be about Jeff and not the WBC!
    this is mondovideo and im gonna be there slayer has always been there and everywhere for me !!!and for the future?? jeff{r.i.p} thought gary holt was good to fill in during his absent i think and i know jeff would want the the slayer camp to go on and to be louder faster heavier and show the world slayer is and will always be the baddest kickin-ass #1 metal-band in the world slayer!!slayer!!!slayer!!! from mondo in venice calif s.t.****in cyco
    I wish I could attend. I will celebrate his life with a pouring of a Hennikan and playing of SLAYER'S Albums from Show No Mercy to World Painted Blood. To JEFF \m/
    It'll be very convenient for mourning that they'll all be metalheads wearing black.
    Just surround them and play angel of death and MOSH IT UP with them in it
    its a shami i live in europe, otherise i would without a doubt attend the memorial, im shure we all would, jeff was a great man, and if we all could go there im shure that there ould be atleast 5 milion of us, and what does that hideus church have?
    5 fat people carrying picket signs, nothing more. The Westboro are mostly just talk and less bite