Official Prog Award Winners Revealed

The Prog Awards took place in London this week - see the results of who won accolades for everything from Best Album to Lifetime Achievement here.

Ultimate Guitar

The 2013 Progressive Music Awards took place in London's Kew Gardens on Monday night, with the biggest names in prog in attendance.

The big winner of the evening was Jethro Tull frontman Ian Anderson, who won the esteemed Prog God award. Hawkwind co-founder Dave Brock won the Lifetime Achievement award, and Porcupine Tree mainman Steven Wilson won the Best Album award for his solo record "The Raven That Refused to Sing (and Other Stories)."

The audience were treated to a live unplugged performance from Steve Hackett, who later won an award for Best Event.

See the full Prog Awards results here (via Prog):

Limelight Sound of Contact Breakthrough Big Big Train Anthem Von Hertzen Brothers, Flowers and Rust Event Steve Hackett, Genesis Revisited at Hammersmith Apollo Band of the Year Marillion Album Steven Wilson "The Raven That Refused to Sing (and Other Stories)" Grand Design Family Box Set Virtuoso Mike Portnoy Visionary Steve Hillage Guiding Light Thomas Waber, founder of InsideOut Lifetime Achievement Dave Brock Prog God Ian Anderson

Do you agree with the award results? Which Prog legend would you give an award to? Let us know in the comments.

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    It's missing TesseracT - Altered State, that album is so good.
    The album is really outstanding. Shame there are no new prog bands with awards and there are some great new ones out there.
    There are no NEW great bands out there at all. PERIOD!
    What are you, 80 years old? Open up your mind and try some new bands. Don't worry, it's ok to like/listen to new music.
    Not even close to 80. Elvis would be near that age now if he was alive. Name me one musical artist under 30 that can match up with the old got nothing.....
    And here we have a prime specimen of the species Defessus Musica Audientem - Jaded Radio Listener - outside of its natural habitat; a surprising turn of events, as this species is known to be a creature of habit, never extending its dwelling beyond familiar grounds. Take care not to get too close, as this creature is quite defensive, and can - and will - snap violently at all who provoke it. LET'S POKE IT WITH A STICK!
    And here we have the prime specimen of the younger generation who are perfectly happy to be fat, lazy, computer game playing nerds, unable to compete globally in education, and definitely have regressed musical ability and comprehension to a near Neanderthal state.....
    Are you serious, dude? There is an amazing wealth of new music being released right now.
    Not defensive at all. I just see it for what it is. The younger generation cannot play, write, perform, or sing. YOU are responsible for the the downgrading of modern music in general. "WHAT ARE YOU, 20 years old and cannot produce what your elders were so prolific at".....
    Jim #4
    ever heard between the buried and me? or periphery or Karnivool? there are some people who actually can write and play.
    Karnivool have been around for 16 years, so I don't think they count as the younger generation.
    Here, now you can see if you should get some hearing aids. Either way being so close-minded is probably why you will never accept the fact that music isn't a competition and that there are different ways in which music can be/is beautiful. It makes me sad to see that you can spend all this time stagnating in your own out-dated belief because it means you will probably be preaching this nonsense to some impressionable youth in an attempt to "educate" them and having them subsequently that carry the flaming torch of ignorance.
    Dude... Did you heard "The Raven That Refused To Sing"? Steven Wilson wrote a true masterpiece... He deserves that award
    Absolutely man. The CD just came to me in the mail yesterday I went to the supporting tour as well; if there was a best tour he woulda won that too.
    That album is terrible. It's very average.
    Make up your mind, terrible or average...
    When it comes to Prog, average is terrible. You don't want average. You want the unexpected. You want well-written songs with structures that aren't usually used by most songwriters. And so on.
    Steven Wilson deserved this win, Raven is absolutely terrific, fresh but channeling the spirit of old school prog!
    Where the hell is Tosin Abasi??
    Damn, I was hoping Devin Townsend's Retinal Circus would win the event award. That was quite the show to say the least. Even then, SW definitely deserved that album of the year award!
    I too agree with Deborah's comment.. but buying a Cadillac after only getting two checks for a total of about $18,000? well that's just foolish my friend, you should be saving that money not using it to create more debt?!
    I feel that Haken are well deserving of some recognition for their now 3 amazing albums! If you love prog and haven't heard of Haken listen to Visions, or celestial elixir or fall to earth.
    Good to hear Steve Hackett is still out there playin the of the truly great progressive guitarists
    I await the day Beardfish make it into one of these lists. Far too little recognition for such an outstanding band.
    SniperWolf80mm · Sep 05, 2013 11:21 PM
    These guys don't deal in the much more mainstream prog out there as much (DT, Coheed, etc) so I'm glad these guys all won. Needs more District 97 though!
    Great to see Steve Hackett get an award, but I thought Spock's Beard's album 'Brief Nocturnes and Dreamless Sleep' was a stunning album released this year, thought they shoulder got an award
    Would like to see District 97 with more recognition; they've made a good breakthrough with a couple of outstanding albums!
    Galneryus recent album "Angle of Salvation" was the most amazing mishmash of prog, neoclassical, and power metal Ive ever heard. might br overlooked because theyre from japan, but they should really be checked out. the guitarist Syu did on that album things worthy of a virtuoso award.