Official Ramones Movie Is Coming Soon

Jonny Depp is in the favorite to pay Johnny Ramone, according to Ramone's widow Linda who is talking to film studios about starting production soon.

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A movie about the Ramones is in the works, according to the widow of Johnny Ramone.

Linda Ramone says there are offers on the table to start production on a movie, though it's not clear whether it will focus on the band as a whole or on Johnny's autobiography "Commando" which was released last year.

"I have offers right now to do a Ramones movie, because there hasn't been one yet," Linda told Rolling Stone. "That's really the only thing left."

The direction of the movie will probably depend on the views of different parties who own rights to the band's music, but Linda says it'll go ahead one way or another.

Johhny Depp could in in line to play Johnny Ramone, as they were friends prior to Ramone's death in 2004. "Everybody would want Johnny Depp to play him, because he's cool and looks good," said Linda. "He's super nice to me and he used to always talk to Johnny if we'd go to the Viper Room. His band opened up for the Ramones years and years ago."

Linda says the movie will tap into the current punk resurgence because modern bands still ride the waves set off by the Ramones all those years ago.

"[Punk] hit mainstream later on with like Green Day and Rancid, the second time around. So I think kids still go back and rediscover who really was it the Ramones, Sex Pistols, the Clash, the Damned, the Jam, X-Ray Spex," she said. "A whole scene happened at CBGBs and in London, so I think now kids are so interested in learning about it because it never really got that big."

What do you make of the Ramones movie news? Let us know if you think it will be a hit in the comments.

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    there already is an official ramones movie. its called "rock'n'roll high school"
    Johnny Depp doesn't look like Johnny Ramone in the slightest! I don't even think prosthetics would help! Not only that, but who the hell is gonna play Joey??? ANYBODY who is offered that part would consider it an insult. (Apart from Howard Stern, who seems to be quite happy about the resemblance!)
    I personally think "end of the century" (the documentary) summed everything up for me...a movie seems a little redundant, if an interesting experiment to see who they would get to play who. I have no clue who will play Joey though, he was just so unique :L
    I feel like Johnny Depp would do better as Joey Ramone since he's so odd and eccentric.
    "Everybody would want Johnny Depp to play him, because he's cool and looks good," Isn't that, like, the one thing to not be if you want to play part of a Ramone? In any case, if they do this, it should be interesting to watch.
    the ramones are - without a doubt - the ugliest rock n roll band ever. that doesnt mean they didnt look cool though.
    Again, where do I mention not looking cool? I just said that I don't think they look good!
    The Ramones were pretty cool, and as a group they looked cool, so I don't see why not. As long as it's not someone like Channing Tatum or Nicolas Cage it should be fine.
    Dude, I'm a fan of The Ramones, love them, and yes, they did look cool. I just enjoy playfully joking about their look (See: Joey)..I'm sure they wouldn't have minded
    They do all look strange in one way or another I suppose. Apart from Dee Dee, he's hot.
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