Official Singles Chart to Incorporate Streaming for the First Time

As of July 6th, the official rundown will incorporate plays from services including Spotify, Deezer, Napster, O2 Tracks, rara, Sony's Music Unlimited and Xbox Music.

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As the NME reports, the UK's Official Singles Chart is to begin counting audio streams for the first time. As of July 6th, the official rundown will incorporate plays from services including Spotify, Deezer, Napster, O2 Tracks, rara, Sony's Music Unlimited and Xbox Music. Plays on YouTube and other video services will not be counted. 

Official Charts Company boss Martin Talbot offered the following statement to the NME regarding the decision:

"About six months ago, we began to seriously start thinking about doing this. We've seen such an upsurge in streaming figures, it became clear we needed to act. Streams have grown from 100 million a week in January 2013 to 260 million now."

"Streaming is a progression from downloads in the same way that downloads took over from CD and vinyl. The charts have always reflected consumers' consumption of the most popular songs every week. Moving forward, to have a chart that's meaningful, streaming needs to be incorporated."

100 streams of a song will count for the same as one purchase under the new system. Also, a song must be streamed for at least 30 seconds before it counts as a play:

"We decided to go with a round number because it's easy to understand - there's a transparency about the chart which we wanted to maintain."

As Talbot reveals, the OCC has developed a system to counter abuse by fans or record labels, who could potentially set up streams and leave them playing on repeat:

"We're capping it at 10 streams per user per day, so an over-enthusiastic One Direction fan can't just play their new single for seven days solid and skew the figures."

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    hmmm a top singles chart. So: 1. Miley Cyrus ft. wiz khalifa and juicy j 2. Katy Perry ft. Juicy J 3. Miley Cyrus 4. Miley Cyrus 5. Justin Bieber 6. Taylor Swift 7. Beyoncé 8. Shakira 9. Miley Cyrus 10. Taylor Swift 11. Taylor Swift 12. Taylor Swift 13. Nicki Minaj 14. Eminem ft. Treyvon & LaToya 15. Selena Gomez
    Not too sure if I agree with this. Counting a song every time it's played is not the same as a one time purchase. It doesn't count every time you play a song on a CD, so why count every time you stream it. When you buy a CD, it only counts as one sale, but you may play it hundreds of time, but if you use a streaming service, you could play that song hundreds of times and have each of those plays count towards its' chart position. Perhaps a fairer way would be to do something like 10 streams is the equivalent of one purchase.
    Was thinking the exact same thing earlier. To me, it also shows how pointless the singles chart system is.
    It's only pointless to you because you don't keep up with music trends. It is far from pointless. Full of shit music, sure, but it serves a purpose and it does it well.
    You should've read the article before commenting. It's only a little longer than the comment you took the time to write, and you wouldn't have needed to write most of that if you'd read it. One stream does not equal one purchase. The article says that one hundred streams is the equivalent of one purchase on their charts.
    100 plays will count as 1 single purchase so i don't think we will see too many surprises/changes from how the chart looks now.