Offspring Singer: 'I'd Always Say Lyrics Don't Matter, It's All About the Music'

artist: The Offspring date: 08/06/2014 category: music news
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Offspring Singer: 'I'd Always Say Lyrics Don't Matter, It's All About the Music'
Offspring singer Dexter Holland decided to hop in on the everlasting debate regarding the importance of lyrics within the rock realm, initially taking the side of music.

Reminding us of a music vs. lyrics debate we recently held around here, Dexter told Loudwire that for a long time, lyrics didn't matter to him.

"I was never focused on lyrics before. I'd always tell people lyrics don't matter. It's all about the music and the melody of what you're singing and it's kind of interesting looking back because some of the songs that have done the best for us are ones that people seem to really relate to the lyrics. It was almost an afterthought a long time ago but now I realize how important lyrics can be so I spend a lot of time working on them," he said.

Discussing the 20th anniversary of the band's hit record "Smash," as well as the album's impact on future writing sessions, the vocalist noted, "I think it’s natural for someone to revisit stuff they've done before if you're trying to make something up, if you're an artist or a writer.

"Sometimes you try to get away from that because it can be a trap in a way because then it just sounds like you’re putting out the same stuff all the time. But when it's been a while and you go back to it, you can see it from a new angle or perspective and go, 'Wow, that was kind of cool because it was raw and straightforward.' So I think it does. You try and take all of those things in small bits in order to make something new," he concluded.

The latest Offspring effort, "Days Go by," saw its release in June 2012, marking the band's ninth studio release.
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