Offspring To Work On New Album After 'Days Go By' Tour

The Offspring guitarist Noodles has revealed that the band will begin work on a new album next year.

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According to, The Offspring guitarist Noodles talkes about the possibility of a live album, and mentioned they will begin work on their next album after they finish touring in support of their latest album "Days Go By" next year. He states:

"We'd definitely knock out a live album, I think. You know, it'd be something we'd, you know, be interested in doing, but it's not a main priority of ours though. Right now, we're just taking the new songs, this is the first time we're playing almost the whole record, and we have it almost ready to go live, and so, we're just trying to feel what's, you know, play the songs and get the reaction from the audience, find out what's working well in the live thing. Sometimes what sounds like coming out of your speakers doesn't always translate to the live arena, you know, so we're working on that. I've been having a lot of fun playing the new songs though, so right now that's kind of our focus, and then once we get off tour, we'll sit down and take a look at a new record."

Noodles also hinted that The Offspring, who performed their 1992 second album "Ignition" in its entirety at recent shows, could do an anniversary tour in 2014 to commemorate the releases of their self-titled debut album and "Smash" (released in 1989 and 1994 respectively), stating, "When it's 20 years of Smash, it's also 25 years of our first record. So, I don't know, we're going to have to do both of those back to back. I don't know, we'll see. That's only two years from now."

"Days Go By" was released last June and is The Offspring's ninth studio album in their career. The album, which landed at #12 the Billboard 200, was their first full-length since 2008's "Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace" and their first recording with current drummer Pete Parada, who joined the band just prior to the release of the aforementioned album.

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    The last album had a couple of weak songs, but Dividing by Zero and Slim Pickens Does The Right Thing And Rides The Bomb To Hell were completely awesome. For the next album I'm hoping 2014 but that's just ridiculously optimistic.
    Yeah I've heard this one before... Love them but they are terrible at keeping dates
    The last few albums were really, really generic. I wish they'd put out a bit heavier album again. But seeing their age, I very much doubt it.
    I agree. I loved everything up to Splinter, then I tried to love the rest because I like them so much, but they just seem to deteriorate with age. Having said that they were great live.
    Great, more bullshit from a once great band. Putting the skepticism aside, if the new album sounds like Stuff Is Missed Up, Diving By Zero, & "Slim Pickens..." than I'll gladly buy an Offspring album again.
    I really hope that they won't **** up as badly as with previous releases, there were some abominations for sure. "Days Go By" was overall a decent album, but I wish they didn't mess with "Dirty Magic". If they keep making songs like "Slim Pickens" and avoid wasting old ones, I will surely get next album.
    honestly, i used to love this band (i still do kinda) but their sound is a little too basic. they hardly deviate from four chord progressions, and its a shame because it works in their favor when they do. they dont have to be as complex as dream theater but just a little bit more would be nice, because it gets a little boring. they kind of self plagiarize a lot too.