One Dead And Several Injured At Linkin Park Show In Cape Town

Advertising tower collapses during the band's show at South African stadium.

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One death has been confirmed, as well as several injuries, at the site of a Linkin Park concert that took place in Cape Town on Wednesday when an advertising scaffolding collapsed due to strong winds. The scaffolding had collapsed before the band had started playing. The show had then gone on as scheduled, after local authorities had considered the area secure.

Cape Town authorities have issued a statement: "The City of Cape Town and Big Concerts confirm that twenty concert attendees were injured at the Cape Town Stadium this evening when a temporary scaffolding structure in the Stadium precinct collapsed due to high winds.

The City's Emergency Services, including doctors, paramedics and Disaster Risk Management staff assisted immediately. The injured were treated on scene and have been taken to nearby hospitals for further medical attention.

The incident occurred at approximately 18h55 when high wind speeds caused the collapse of a temporary scaffolding structure. The temporary structure was a branding activation, located adjacent to the Stadium forecourt on the Cape Town CBD side of the venue.

The structure had been pre-approved and certified safe, by structural engineers prior to the event.The remainder of the structure was dismantled and the commanding officer at the Venue Operations Centre declared the event site safe shortly afterwards.The Stadium gates were re-opened to concert attendees. The concert is going ahead as planned. All necessary support is being provided to those injured."

Linkin Park also released statement of their own:

"Following our performance tonight at Cape Town Stadium, we were advised that several people were injured as a result of the collapse of an advertising tower erected by Lucozade in the parking area outside the venue.

We wish to express our deep sadness and concern for those injured and our heartfelt condolences to the family of the fan who died as a result of her injuries. Though we have had no relationship with the sponsor or the entity responsible for erecting the structure, we take the safety of our fans very seriously and our thoughts are with all of those who were affected by this tragedy."

Watch SABC News incident report below.

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    That sucks. Rest In Peace Linkin Park concert goer.
    And this worst thing is that it could so easily have been prevented if people just used common sense. Cape Town is notorious for it's high wind speeds (particularly in summer) and yet The banner had no wind holes in it and the scaffolding wasn't properly secured down by any wires. How it was certified as "safe" is beyond me. Blatant negligence and stupidity.
    That's terrible, RIP, and to the injured, get well soon. *Waits for tasteless jokes about Linkin Park's music*
    I'm not gonna lie, I thought about a million puns to make about this instantly... but way too soon. RIP.
    I swear to god, it's like event companies are cutting so many corners on equipment nowadays. It's like every 3 months one of these pieces of shits collapse and kill at least one person.
    LP should definitely dedicate a song to her at their next show. What a unfortunate tragedy.
    How am i supposed to vote this article? I feel like an ***** if I thumbs up it, however it was well written =|
    well RIP for the fan, i hope at least they played a few of the old songs
    Look at the set. It's like four or five songs from all their albums. Hope this guy was at least having fun.
    Came here to troll linkin park, read article. Then i went back to sleep under my bridge. Rip
    Maybe bands should stop playing in strong winds. RIP
    My Last Words
    Or tighten the safety measures.
    Bob Dolan :D
    Take it from someone who lives in South Africa, those Cape Town winds are way strong. What REALLY sucks is I have Golden Circle tickets to their Jhb show X_X Not looking forward to that. Rip concertgoer!
    If the winds are that strong, they should build signs that will take the wind. It's not rocket science. I'm not going to build something in the desert that can't handle a little sun and sand.
    As a mechanical engineer, you can't always just "make things work". I'm sure a lot goes into signs like that. They should probably have postponed or cancelled the concert. I think it is in poor tastes how they played anyways. How could you celebrate even your fave band when someone just died at the very same concert?
    Who said capitalism never hurt anyone? RIP concert goer. May your death be a lesson that helps save future lives.
    Isn't the Like/ Dislike button to rate the relevance and level of writing skill? Not the content the article contains?
    I always vote based on the content. Isn't the point of these articles to learn about stuff in the music world? As opposed to how well a writer can write. Obviously I gave this article a thumbs down.
    The whole thing is pointless either way.
    I was just trying to figure out how terrible news would get any thumbs up at all. It's either "I enjoyed reading the article"/"I enjoyed hearing someone died"....or...."I disliked reading this article"/"I dislike that someone died".
    Maybe they should quit having Honda sponsor their tours.
    I'm from Cape Town, it was actually a Lucozade add/billboard/structure or whatever. Hope this doesn't deter any bands from coming to South Africa, we get to see so few decent bands eventhough we have a massive rock following
    Killed by Lucozade. Ironically here in SA it's a very insignifcant brand compared to Powerade/Energade etc. Condolences to the family.
    Wow, why is every single UG article extremely down voted for no reason?
    Well, the reason this one is downvoted isn't because the downvoters are trying to shoot the messenger, but because the downvoters "don't like" that a concert-goer was killed by a poorly-constructed building for some careless corporation.
    Yes but that's missing the point, the liking/disliking system is if you like the article itself, not the opinion on what its reporting. The article is reporting condolences, so in this case it should be liked to show support....And many other cases.
    Sad news when a fan dies at one of their favourite bands gigs, regardless of who that band it is. On a much lighter note, this reminds of Bono, Bono:"Every time I clap, a child dies somewhere in the world", Scotish concert goer:"Well stop f*ckin clapping then"
    2 years later... UG Headline: Chester Bennington arrested for mass manslaughter in Cape Town. oh wait. This is not Prague!
    Condolences, hopefully they don't try to arrest the singer for manslaughter...
    Yeah this is one of those articles which you can dislike only ... but hey, there is someone with reversed monitor screen 180
    This Just In: D. Randall Blythe arrested for being an accessory to manslaughter in South Africa.
    Poor guy. I went to a Linkin Park two months ago and was blown away. It's too bad this has to happen..
    Damn promoters! That fallen structure would be a clue to cancel the show. SMH. I'm glad in the U.S., they have a 3rd party official to determine this situation. That way, the promoters can't pressure the performers and tech crew to go on with the show.
    Damn, Pearl Jam at Roskilde, Pukkelpop, the Belgian festival a year or two years ago and now this. Just horrible
    so are they now classified as "death metal"? hahaha
    That's not even funny... That's just inconsiderate!
    you people live such sad lives... the people getting mad about a joke, i mean. seriously this accident further shows how fragile life is and can be taken away anytime... SO LIGHTEN UP and quit bringing people down..
    This: 'so are they now classified as "death metal"? hahaha'isn't very funny, nor is it polite to the family who lost a life. It may be a 'joke' and have the intention of making the people feel better with humor, but I personally think that he needs to think things through before he posts them.
    Don't worry, she was an LP fan. So there's no way her family would see a comment on a guitar site.
    I personally think I dont care what you think. Do you see anywhere saying there is a rule about posting only comments that are polite and friendly? This is the internet! you better cover your eyes, it gets a lot worse than this.
    I see no rule and I am very aware that people are *****s on the internet. Amanda Todd ring a bell? That's just one example. I'm also confident that you won't care what anybody thinks until something horrible happens to you and we all start making jokes about you and your tragedy. All I'm saying is to be a little more respectful. I'm all for jokes, but in a serious and very tragic scene, they aren't the place to make them.
    So, a family just lost someone dear to them, possibly a little girl who will have to grow up with no father, a son who will have no one there for him, a wife who lost the one she loved, a father who's son is dead, family devastated. And you're making tasteless jokes...
    This isnt the most tragic event in the history of music. Stop crying over other peoples losses. Saying RIP on here is completely meaningless coming from random internet users. And it was pretty funny... haha death metal!
    I just want to say kudos to everybody who commented on not being stupid, I know we all like to rip on groups like Linkin Park and honestly, I was a little worried looking at the comments that some guys just wouldn't care. So all you who held back from the good jokes, give yourself a pat on the back. That said, RIP, i'ts always sad when someone passes, especially in contrast to a fun event. That said, remember she was probably pretty darn happy when her time came...
    My prayers go out to the family of my fellow South African. And to all of you Americans who don't give a damn, I have a few Afrikaans words for you. Voetsek jy fokken poepoles
    How can anyone "like" this article?
    In this case, the 'likes' would probably be to show support for the injured fans.
    It's not about the content of the article. People are meant to like/dislike the article based on how it's written, put together, proof-read etc, that way UG know which articles are more/less popular. They've explained that hundreds of times...
    Wow, this was taken the wrong way, I was merely saying that surely you "dislike" someone dying.....
    Very sad story. Rest in peace concert-goer. This is why no one should attend Linkin Park shows. If the music doesn't kill ya, something else will.
    I find it amusing that this is considered relevant news to a music-related website, just because it happened to take place near a concert location.
    The accident happened AT the location, not near, even though it wasn't technically any of LP's gear. And it was the concert attendees that got hurt.
    Oh wow, that changes everything. So fatal accidents suddenly become relevant to this site if the victims happened to be attending a concert.
    At this moment in time, you have a choice of this or the election... RIP concert goer, sad way to go
    Yes, it was a tragic event that happened from music fans at a music event for a band that plays music. It's a general ****ing music site not just an archive for album releases or tour announcements.
    Myt Father was a cop that was killed by drunk driver at Greatful Dead concert in Philly many years ago. The Asshole said it was poor lighting. People all around need to think Murphys law and how can we avoid it! The Stadium has been taken down but his plaque still stands. Hope the fans family has been taken care of.
    Definitely not a fan of LP, but this is terrible news, RIP to the deceased fan and wish a speedy recovery to those who were injured!