One Direction Set To Beat The Beatles' US Album Success?

artist: One Direction date: 03/19/2012 category: general music news

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One Direction Set To Beat The Beatles' US Album Success?
One Direction look set to make US chart history next week, according to reports. The boyband, who came third in the 2010 series of "The X Factor", could become the first UK act ever to score a Billboard Number One with their debut album "Up All Night". According to Billboard, the group are being tipped to shift another 160,000 180,000 copies of the LP before this Sunday (March 18), which would be enough to land them the top spot although they do face competition from Adele and her album "21", which could still return to the summit of the chart for a 24th week. The Top 10 of the Billboard 200 chart will be revealed next Wednesday (March 21). Band member Harry Styles who has become a tabloid fixture due to his ill-fated romance with TV presenter Caroline Flack told the Daily Mirror that the fresh-faced quintet were humbled by comparisons to The Beatles, who only scored a Number Four position with their 1964 LP "Introducing The Beatles". Asked about similarities to The Beatles, he said: "That seems ridiculous to us, because they were such icons. But we watched a film of their first US trip and there were similarities. We're as close as them despite not being together long." Last month, music mogul Simon Cowell insisted that the group would take America by storm this year after their single "What Makes You Beautiful" became the highest debut from a UK act since 1998. According to the Metro, Cowell - who put together the band on "The X Factor" - predicted that their debut LP could hit the Number One spot and said they were "about to literally explode in America". Thanks for the report to
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