Open Letter to Grammys Demands More Respect for Metal, Points at Critical Mistakes

artist: Grammy Awards date: 01/28/2014 category: music news
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Open Letter to Grammys Demands More Respect for Metal, Points at Critical Mistakes
Although the metal genre has received a decent amount of recognition at this year's Grammy Awards, a series of oversights on organizers' behalf couldn't help spoiling the overall impression.

The omission of late great Jeff Hanneman and Iron Maiden's Clive Burr from "In Memoriam" segment, the rude cut-off of all-star rock finale and the absence of Black Sabbath receiving their Best Metal Performance award from the live telecast stand out as more prominent screw-ups, leading to an open letter from our Loudwire colleagues.

Demanding more respect for metal, the letter specifically points at the given errors as unforgivable, still giving the organizers deserved props for some of the good choices they made. Focusing on Black Sabbath, the article asked an important question:

"But when did TV viewers get to see Sabbath accept their award? They didn't! Instead it was presented during the online-only pre-ceremony while Black Sabbath were still making their way into the building for the main event. Pop star Cyndi Lauper had to accept for them. Cyndi Lauper! All respect to Daft Punk, but did we really need to see them accept three awards during the main telecast?"

After dubbing Hanneman's "In Memoriam" omission "inexcusable," the letter switched to the matter of QOTSA/NIN/Grohl jam. The final jam was cut out from the live telecast with roll-out credits, showing great disrespect to some of the biggest names in today's rock. Speaking of which, Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor decided to personally address the matter via Twitter.

"Music's biggest night ... to be disrespected," Reznor said. "A heartfelt f--k you guys."

In conclusion, the open letter reads: "While we'll keep our language a little less profane than that of Mr. Reznor, we'll reference the NIN mastermind when we say: Hey Grammy producers, get your heads out of your holes and start giving metal and hard rock the respect they deserve!"

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