Open Letter to Grammys Demands More Respect for Metal, Points at Critical Mistakes

NIN's Trent Reznor also bashes event organizers with "a heartfelt f--k you."

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Although the metal genre has received a decent amount of recognition at this year's Grammy Awards, a series of oversights on organizers' behalf couldn't help spoiling the overall impression.

The omission of late great Jeff Hanneman and Iron Maiden's Clive Burr from "In Memoriam" segment, the rude cut-off of all-star rock finale and the absence of Black Sabbath receiving their Best Metal Performance award from the live telecast stand out as more prominent screw-ups, leading to an open letter from our Loudwire colleagues.

Demanding more respect for metal, the letter specifically points at the given errors as unforgivable, still giving the organizers deserved props for some of the good choices they made. Focusing on Black Sabbath, the article asked an important question:

"But when did TV viewers get to see Sabbath accept their award? They didn't! Instead it was presented during the online-only pre-ceremony while Black Sabbath were still making their way into the building for the main event. Pop star Cyndi Lauper had to accept for them. Cyndi Lauper! All respect to Daft Punk, but did we really need to see them accept three awards during the main telecast?"

After dubbing Hanneman's "In Memoriam" omission "inexcusable," the letter switched to the matter of QOTSA/NIN/Grohl jam. The final jam was cut out from the live telecast with roll-out credits, showing great disrespect to some of the biggest names in today's rock. Speaking of which, Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor decided to personally address the matter via Twitter.

"Music's biggest night ... to be disrespected," Reznor said. "A heartfelt f--k you guys."

In conclusion, the open letter reads: "While we'll keep our language a little less profane than that of Mr. Reznor, we'll reference the NIN mastermind when we say: Hey Grammy producers, get your heads out of your holes and start giving metal and hard rock the respect they deserve!"

Music's biggest night... to be disrespected. A heartfelt FUCK YOU guys.

— Trent Reznor (@trent_reznor) January 27, 2014

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    Damn right. Grammys are a joke anyways.
    Exactly. So why do people (like whoever wrote this "open letter") still get their panties in such a twist over them?
    because its a "big night for music" and all music should be represented, rock music and metal are always on the back burner when it comes to shows like this. the Grammys have always disregarded metal completely and with it being such a huge genre it should at least get a brief 5 minute segment shown. And if noone gets their "panties in a twist" nothing will ever have a chance of being changed
    It's a huge genre for us who like metal, compared to pop artists it's tiny.
    It’s true, I am one of those people that claims that the awards are shyte and meaningless but I’m one of the first to jump in the air when something like that happens. Humans can never be pleased.
    annette.holbroo · Jan 29, 2014 04:49 PM
    annette.holbroo · Jan 29, 2014 04:49 PM
    I do because it isn't just the Grammys. There wasn't any metal in this years MTV VMAs. With so many awards shows dedicated to so many other different music genres, why is it that metal only truly gets honored by the Golden Gods Awards and not any other award show? Most award shows are jokes, but that's not the point.
    Because they don't really, they're just kinda annoyed. The internet makes it easy to complain loudly about issues that don't really mean much to you.
    Nah, if it didn't mean that much to them they wouldn't have complained.
    reznor can be a drama queen but I completely agree that the grammys are a joke, they have been for a long time, that great performance being cut off at the end is a prime example, as a community of people who enjoy good music from talented artists I propose a boycott, ignore them, the grammys don't mean shit anymore
    it's a sad state of affairs.
    rickzyfr.ohock · Jan 29, 2014 04:33 AM
    To be frank this was the first time I've ever watched these awards just because Metallica was playing, I sincerely don't care about media awards at all.
    Who that listens to metal actually would watch the grammys if it did give more screen time on the genre? I wouldn't spend my time watching it, risking the chance of hearing nicki minaj and beyonce etc etc like the event organizers know damn well that we're too narrow minded to be ****ed watching it regardless of what great metal acts play
    Well, I wanted to see QotSA w/ Grohl play, o there's that. Grohl playing with the Queens again is pretty awesome, considering he recorded the actual drum parts that John plays live. That would be worth it... If they didn't cut it off.
    Cause caring about the grammy's is metal as ****, right? Come on people - sounds like people have completely forgotten what rock n roll is all about. Screw awards. It's simple. If you want to win mainstream awards, play mainstream music. Leave the rockin' to the rockers, then. Drama-****s. AHem. Sorry for that outburst.
    Really, that's the problem the metal community has with metal? How about going out to see your local bands, supporting those bands who need it the most? Complainging about a big organisation won't change a damn thing. There's tons of bands out there that have to fight for every gig they get. Im sure there's tons of people on this board that can confirm this, me sadly included. Support your locals instead of complaining about something so trivial, something that most big metal bands dont even seem to care about.
    x0vincent0x · Jan 28, 2014 12:20 PM
    Why should metal fans care? Do you crave acceptance that bad? Metal bands should just boycott the grammys. Make a bigger metal/rock awards ceremony or something instead.
    Your last two sentences contradict your first two sentences. I don't like pointing things out.
    Reading it again, you are right. Should have been: "Make a bigger metal/rock awards ceremony or something instead if they care so deeply about golden statues. "
    *cough* Golden Gods Awards *cough*
    Golden Gods are also a joke. So is the rock n roll hall of fame. No matter what we create to try and recognize anyone in music, it will always just become a joke to people because they wont agree with some things. People were ripshit when BVB got a golden gods award. People are just too materialistic. If we really care about the music, a stupid little golden paper weight shouldnt matter
    As a metal fan I don't give two rat turds about the Grammy awards or the golden gods award show. Metal has done just fine all these years without mainstream recognition. I don't get what the fuss is all about. And as far as Jeff Hanneman not getting recognition, I'm sure if he wouldn't care either. Fame was one thing he never craved, and as influential as he was/is, all he ever wanted to do was play awesome music. And that's how it should be.
    Partly true only. If he didn't crave fame he wouldn't pursue success, accept loads of money, or play to tens of thousands.
    To "boycott" something, you have to watch it in the first place, or it doesn't really count.
    Wasnt there something like 2 years ago that made heavy metal a religion? Im pretty sure i read it on this site
    Well they're kind of treating it like it's a lower class of music, which IS disrespectful.
    Which is funny, because you'd think radio country (not ALL country), R&B and cheesy pop would be treated as lower class. Except those things can be tied directly to skincolor and religion. Soooo can't upset all them fans.
    Since when did a band\artist have to win an award or be recognized at the Grammy's to validate their career? Honestly, this and few of Reznor's other outbursts recently make him seem like a whiney premadonna. So metal doesn't really get a look in at the Grammy's? Big deal - the best thing you can do is get on with your career and keep producing the best material you can. Then when the Grammy's do come knocking, you can tell them to **** off.
    The fuss is about how rudely QoTSA was cut out by the advertisements.
    No one on UG would be making a fuss if Avenged Sevenfold or Green Day were cut off...
    It wouldn't matter who it was that's cut off. It's a rude and disrespectful thing to do no matter what.
    No, I guarantee most people would have a good laugh if it was (grabs name from hat) Justin Bieber who got cut off. So I guess we can be disrespectful so long as it's someone we generally agree is worth being disrespected.
    You can play your "what would be if something happened" game all night long, but back to reality, Justin, nor any other "pop" act, hasn't been cut off. And you don't have to be a genius to realize that that wouldn't happen - and that's what makes some people angry, that is that Grammy favours mainstream commercial pop music and doesn't treat all music equally. Now in regards to the other issue: sure, people here at UG generally wouldn't be pissed if Justin or Beyonce was cut off, but that doesn't mean that the whole point is baseless and wrong. If anything, it only proves my point that Grammy shouldn't take sides like UG visitors and should treat all music equally.
    Its not about Metal not being invited, or represented. Its the fact that they invite these people, give them spots and then treat them like shit. I invite you to my house for supper then kick you out halfway through your meal... You going to be happy about it?
    What if you were playing a big show and just after you started they shut the lights off and turned off the sound? You'd be pissed too if you got cut off.
    Though that's not what happened. They still played but it wasn't televised on it's entirety.
    It's happened to me before - they cut the power in the middle of a song. But I was in a nobody band. They're all rock legends (...) who are wildly successful and household names and no strangers to playing on network television. In the end, it really should not be a big deal. What's done is done.