Opeth: 'Record Production in the '70s Was Just Better Than Today'

artist: Opeth date: 08/11/2014 category: music news
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Opeth: 'Record Production in the '70s Was Just Better Than Today'
Seeing that Opeth have heavily drifted into the sonic vibe of classic '70s prog rock masters, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that the group considers the production of the mentioned era as far superior to what's happening today.

Chatting with Roadrunner, frontman Mikael Akerfeldt and guitarist Fredrik Akesson were asked to single out the most fascinating factor of the '70s production.

"It sounds good! The music from the '70s, that's what I listen to on a daily basis," Mikael kicked off. "And I think those record productions are just better than what they are today."

Pinpointing what he considers wrong about modern production values, Akerfeldt continued, "Metal production today sounds so loud that they're clipping. They try to get every instrument to break through in a wall of sound, which makes many bands and engineers adjust the instruments almost to the point where they don't sound human anymore.

"It sounds machine-y, especially drums, and to a certain extent guitars. And then you record the album digitally and everything's fixed and perfect and then you master it really loud ... And back in those days, that didn't happen."

The frontman went on to explain that not all '70s record sounded great, naming KISS' "Hotter Than Hell" as an example, but concluded that "overall, I would take any '70s or early '80s production over what started in the '90s and now."

Opeth are set to unveil their new album "Pale Communion" on August 26 via Roadrunner, pre-orders are available here. Meanwhile, you can check out the latest single "Eternal Rains Will Come" below.

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