Opeth's Akerfeldt Reacts to Mike Portnoy Wanting to Form a Band With Him

"It's mostly him. I would say he's a bit of a workaholic."

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Opeth's Akerfeldt Reacts to Mike Portnoy Wanting to Form a Band With Him

Opeth mastermind Mikael Akerfeld was asked on The Metal Teddy Bear Experience about Mike Portnoy's burning desire to collaborate, to which he replied (transcribed by UG):

"It's mostly him. I'd say he's a bit of a workaholic.

"He's a friend of mine now. He's a cool guy, a great drummer, I'd love to do something with him.

"Initially, when he brought it up, he wanted to do something really heavy, and I've been doing that for a really long time. I was like, 'It's not really interesting for me. I want to do something else.'

"So it all depends. We talked about collaborating on the record for the project I had with Steven Wilson called Storm Corrosion, but we ended up with no drums. We didn't need a lot of drums for those songs.

"You never know. It's one of those things that every time we meet or every time we're on e-mail, we talk about it a little. It hasn't materialized, we don't have any ideas on what that should be.

"Generally, I'm that type of musician that tries to put everything I want to into Opeth, so I don't really need side projects, if you know what I mean.

"Him, he's with - of course he was with Dream Theater before - he has Transatlantic, The Winery Dogs, he was with, what they called it... Adrenaline Mob - lots of different bands, lots of different styles.

"But we try to bring everything into Opeth, which leaves me quite content in that sense. I don't have too much that I can't explore within the band."

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    Portnoy "hey mike lets start a really awesome black metal  band Akerfelt "You mean like.... foo fighters?" Portnoy, "yeah, but  not that heavy... like maybe something in the style of Rush, but with more prog..." Akerfelt "You mean like.... dream theater?" Portnoy, " No.... i mean..." Mustaine "Hey guys can I join?" Portnoy, "No... we're trying to start a band.... a good one. Like Metallica." Akerfelt "Im out"
    So Portnoy wanted to do Metal and Akerfeldt wanted to do a 80s Prog tribute? Nothing surprising here, I guess...
    I have the feeling I have read the exact same article about a week or two ago.
    I personally would love to see him collab with someone like Brendon Small or Devin Townsend, but I know that would be absolutely impossible. 
    In all seriousness, Mikael mentioned a desire to do something black metal-ish in the making of Ghost Reveries (I think!) and I'm disappointed that never eventuated.  Not that Mikael seems at all interested, but that would be an interesting listen. 
    well up to backwater park, opeth was kind of black metalish. especially on morningrise and my arms your hearse.
    I'm seriously have a bad feeling about Mike and his workaholic attitude, I think it was in his FAQ page about when he reach 50 he's going to slow down and take it easy. I agree with Mikael and DT members, he's working a little too hard.
    Traded one addiction for another maybe?
    almost certainly. addiction is a trait that you don't lose. you jsut swap it around. but I think we can all agree that mike is better off being addicted to working than to alcohol