Opeth's Akesson: It's Amazing How Much Sonic Difference a Pick Can Make, This Is What I Use

Fredrik also talks about the last time he practices guitar and what he played.

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Opeth's Akesson: It's Amazing How Much Sonic Difference a Pick Can Make, This Is What I Use

Opeth guitarist Fredrik Akesson discussed picks, telling Music Radar:

"I use Jim Dunlop picks and the gauge is 1.4mm. They're Tortex Ultra Sharp - the point is a bit pointier, basically!

"I switched to using them about two years ago. Before that I used the green ones with an alligator on them - they're a bit rounder than these.

"It's amazing how you can hear different sounds from different picks when you get into the studio."

Fredrik was also asked on when was the last time he practiced and what he played, to which he replied:

"I practiced a little bit this morning. I'm just trying to go over an A major blues - A7, D7, E7 – trying to improvise in different ways and not just stick to the pentatonic scale.

"Using the diminished scale or the melodic minor - the A melodic minor over the E7 and finding all the related arpeggios.

"I think it's very interesting and it broadens your vocabulary."

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    Dunlop Primetone Jazz III picks all day, they never stop being perfect
    Stubbys 3.0mm fo' sure. 
    Emperor's Child
    After switching to the Stubby 1.0mm, I can't use a Jazz III anymore. Kinda annoying that everytime I find a new pick, others become 'obsolete'. The Planet Waves Black Ice Picks are pretty nice too though.
    Happens, the reason I find Stubbys superior to Jazz III is that you have the same precision you would have with the Jazz III but with more control over dynamics (besides, you can get a HUGE tone with them).
    I took the exact opposite haha, I used to be a Stubby user and switched to the Ultex Jazz III, then I was given a pack of the Primetone Jazz III's and I can't even hold another pick and be comfy
    I used to just use cheap dunlops but then I tried the petrucci ones and they're perfect for the way I play. I can do real quick pinch harmonics, my trem picking has gotten tighter and the sound they make is so much nicer with the pickups I have.
    Recently started using a Dava Delrin Jazz III. Amazing pick. It literally doesn't wear down and doesn't have the chrip that the similarly indestructible Gravity acrylic has.
    Way Cool JR.
    Dunlop Nylon .73 , .88 , 1.0 for over 2 decades now.  Tried so hard to like the Jazz III's but they just aren't for me, way to pointy, stiff and way to dull sounding, they just slow me down.  Nothing will ever beat the Dunlop Nylons for me.     
    I use the James Hetfield ones, the black ones with some green on. 1.14 or .94 thickness are perfect for me, plus they too have sharp tips.
    I have the pick Fredrik threw into the crowd when they played in the Maldives. Awesome show.