Orgy Frontman Leaves The Band

Orgy have announced that vocalist Jay Gordon will be leaving the band.

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Ryan Shuck (guitar), Amir Derakh (guitar), Bobby Hewitt (drums) and Paige Haley (bass) of Orgy, the "death pop" band from Bakersfield, California, have released the following statement:

"As of October 26, Jay Gordon [vocals] will be leaving the original band Orgy.

"We don't know what this means for the future of Orgy, but we are assuming that Jay intends to release new music under the name Orgy. We don't know if Jay has a new band waiting in the wings to replace us, or if he plans on doing it all on his own but we do know that Jay is a talented writer, and we are sure that he will come up with something great.

"Over the last few years we have tried to get the band together and tour or write new music even though we are juggling multiple businesses as well as three original music projects (Julien-K, Dead By Sunrise, and Circuit Freq), we have always been willing to make time for Orgy.

"It saddens us that Jay is choosing to carry on the Orgy name without his brothers that helped build and create that name, but we truly wish him all the best.

"Thank you all for your continued support on the many projects that we are all involved in, and for being our friends, family, and fans over the years."

Orgy wasshot out of the hard-rock cannon in 1998 with the band's platinum album, "Candyass". Its ear-candy hooks, crushing riffs and razor-edge electronic sonics laid the scorched-earth groundwork for 2000's gold "Vapor Transmission" and 2004's "Punk Statik Paranoia". The videos for "Blue Monday", "Stitches" and "Fiction (Dreams in Digital)", meanwhile, created an indelible visual impression of post-punk artifice; the hair, the makeup, the costumes all conspired to shroud the band in a cloak of dark menace.

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    derakh should'vs started a new band a looooong time ago. btw, has orgy been doin anything for the past 10 years? =/
    Oh no! What will we do without Orgy you guys?! Lmao is this a joke? I literally haven't heard jack shit about this gay band since 1999. Haha
    its been 6 years since orgy has made UG news lol. look at more Orgy news at the end of the article. Blue Monday FTW!!!
    Fakk this is bullshit. My favorite band growing up and after years of waiting for new music this happens.
    The title of the article should have said "all members except frontman leaves orgy" cuz thats what it sounds like is happening.