Orgy Reborn

artist: Orgy date: 05/21/2004 category: music news
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ChartAttack reports, it's been a long time since electro-metal band Orgy's name was on everyone's lips. The once mega-popular L.A.-based rockers seemed to have vanished for years; undoubtedly, many fans were left wondering if the quintet had decided to end things permanently. The band have now returned with a new album, their third, called Punk Statik Paranoia. But because four years have passed since their previous effort, Vapor Transmission, it wasn't a surprise that when Orgy rolled into Toronto recently the most popular question of the day was, "Where have you guys been?" "I don't know where everyone else has been, I know where I went," says drummer Bobby Hewitt with a laugh. "I had another baby with my wife, so that took a bit of time. I moved up to northern California for a little bit, then came back. I didn't really do any music while I was gone I just stayed home with my kids and my wife and worked. Started doing some [video] editing, got into that. Then the phone calls started coming, 'The record's done. Let's do this.' And that took about two years." But that still doesn't explain the band's extended absence. According to guitarist Ryan Shuck, the record's music (and partial vocals) were completed in a nine-month period, but during that time the band "basically fell apart." The album was left in limbo and communication between band members was kept to a minimum for about two years. The free time even allowed Shuck and guitarist Amir Derakh the opportunity to begin another project a self-described Depeche Mode meets Chemical Brothers band called Julien-K. But Orgy weren't exactly ready to call it quits. "We weren't ready to call it anything," Shuck says. "I think it was just like a hot potato just drop it for a while, see if it cools off. You've gotta understand, we did a record [Candyass] that sold a boatload, toured for nearly a year or more, came straight home and went right back in the studio. We were getting really huge, put out another record, toured. Literally by that time, Amir was so sick we couldn't tour anymore. We were partying our asses off, spending tons of money and we were crazy." After the final touches were put on Punk Statik Paranoia, the band began getting offers to play shows. Following a surprisingly productive meeting, Orgy (rounded out by vocalist Jay Gordon and bassist Paige Haley) decided to give it another shot. But some fans may have been shocked upon hearing the new, heavier sound that the band has acquired on their latest album. Orgy have moved away from the electronics that dominated their first two records. With a fanbase used to the band's keyboard-industrial, even Shuck was initially wary about the change. "I can only speak for me. I wasn't backing it too much, to be completely honest," Shuck says. "You can never predict, I mean, our fans have been really supportive, but I thought that one thing that was unique about us was the electronics. Now that being said, we still use synth. "That being said too," Shuck continues, "I think that we would be kind of lame if we did the same thing over and over again, and I wouldn't want to be in that band. I mean, you've gotta look at your work over not just one record. That's not us. There's three records, that's us. And when we play a set, we play four songs off of every record and it feels like Orgy; it's Orgy."
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