Orgy Sound Clips Posted Online

A number of samples from Orgy's upcoming album, "Punk Statik Paranoia", have been posted online.

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A number of samples from Orgy's upcoming album, "Punk Statik Paranoia", have been posted online.

Sample can be heard by clicking on the links below:

1. Beautiful Disgrace 2. Vague 3. Ashamed 4. Make Up Your Mind 5. Leave Me Out 6. The Obvious 7. Inside My Head 8. Pure 9. Can't Take This

"Punk Statik Paranoia" is due for a release on February 24th through lead singer Jay Gordon's label, D1. The album is said to consist primarily of demos originally which were written and recorded for inclusion on the band's never-released third album.

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    OrGy's Rocks in my opinion. But I also liked vapor transmission and candyass!!! This album doesn't seem to be as good as the first two but i'm still excited for it to come out.
    I guess it is definitly better then their first cd maybe they will be big for a song that is actually theirs and not someone else's. i like the band don't get me wrong but the singing is not to par for my taste
    Deadsy has been around longer than Orgy, Deadsy was one of Jay Gordon's first bands. Orgy sounds like Deadsy.
    it def does sound like korn mixed with deasy, plus mayb a lil splash of mushroom head, overall sounds pretty bad ass, but def not as bad ass as candy ass
    lol... tricked by the title. So did i dude. I guess that's men for ya.
    I have both Orgy cds, and they both suck. These clips dont sound too bad tho. And it duznt sound like Deadsy...
    Wow screaming in an Orgy song, cool. Everything still sounds like Orgy, so far better than Vapor Transmissions. Im looking foward to it.
    Head and Munky? The clips do sound heavier than their previous albums but they've always had detuned guitars, tuned to Bb. maybe now they're a half step lower now. The Deadsy I hear that Deadsy sounds like Orgy, not the other way around. Consider which band was around longer
    This is just going to be depressing for Orgy fans. It sounds like Head and Munky are playing Deadsy's synth guitars. I'm truly disappointed...
    skwerl666: i dont get how the title tricks you [POSTED: 23 January 2004 - 150]| you're an *******!