Original Blue Oyster Cult Lineup Reunites In New York City

artist: Blue Öyster Cult date: 11/08/2012 category: music news
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Original Blue Oyster Cult Lineup Reunites In New York City
Fans had to wait a little longer than expected to see it, but Blue Oyster Cult reformed its original lineup on Monday (Nov. 5) and even if you weren't in attendance, you can still experience the show thanks to a heaping helping of audience footage from the show. It's a little shaky, of course, and the audio isn't exactly crystal clear. But until BOC see fit to release a DVD/Blu-ray from the concert, this is the closest non-ticket holders will come to seeing the umlaut-loving fivesome of Eric Bloom, Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser, Allen Lanier, Joe Bouchard and Albert Bouchard performing together for the first time in over 25 years. The show was billed as a one-off affair, timed to promote the release of a 17-disc box compiling the band's output for Columbia Records. The current incarnation of Blue Oyster Cult, which includes founding members Bloom and Roeser with drummer Jules Radino, bassist, Kasim Sulton, and multi-instrumentalist Richie Castellano, will presumably carry on unabated. Meanwhile, fans can keep their fingers crossed for an upswing in BOC interest enough to end the band's 11-year recording drought and bring about the follow-up to their last album, 2001′s "Curse Of The Hidden Mirror".
Thanks to Ultimateclassicrock for the report.
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