Original Iron Maiden Singer Released From Jail

Paul Di'Anno, who was fired from Iron Maiden in the 1980s, has been released from jail only 2 months into a sentence for committing $72,000 of benefit fraud.

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Former Iron Maiden singer Paul Di'Anno has been released from jail after serving only 2 months of a 9 month sentence, having committed benefit fraud in the UK.

He was jailed in March after being caught cheating the state out of 45,000 ($72,000) of public money. According to Spinner, Di'Anno claimed he couldn't work due to a stage-related injury, but videos of the singer on a worldwide tour acted as evidence that he was committing fraud.

Now he has seen an early release, and is already planning a "Running Free Again" tour.

Speaking to Metal Underground, Di'Anno said "Back home again, and looking forward to 'Running Free Again,' and seeing you all in a few weeks. Thanks for all the Birthday wishes too. Also, relieved to say, I managed not to drop the soap!"

The singer was kicked out of Iron Maiden in the early 1980s, before the group went on to see wider acclaim with new frontman Bruce Dickinson. Di'Anno has gone on to perform with solo projects which occasionally tour Europe, and with local bands near his home in Wiltshire, England.

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    Also, relieved to say, I managed not to drop the soap!" LMAO hopefully he will come to Montreal now. He was suppose to before he went to jail
    technically he's not the original singer. he was just the first one that mattered but yeah, kinda sucks to be him
    Still can't beat "Wrathchild". Best Maiden song IMHO. It's a shame Paul never hit it big again. He should have. Great punky singer. Edgy and he lived it.
    First incarnation of Maiden was awesome, but I think that might have been in spite of him - not because of him. Would Maiden have become huge if he had stayed in the band?? I doubt it. Di'Anno's solo work that I've heard was awful. Now, he just resurfaces occasionally to re-do an old Maiden track, in a kinda parasitic way. Nonetheless, hopefully he gets his act together and does something decent.