Original Makeup KISS at Hall of Fame Was a 'Nonstarter,' Paul Stanley Explains

artist: KISS date: 03/03/2014 category: general music news

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Original Makeup KISS at Hall of Fame Was a 'Nonstarter,' Paul Stanley Explains
Discussing the latest RN'R Hall of Fame drama and the band's refusal to perform at this year's induction, KISS frontman Paul Stanley stressed that the idea of the band playing in original lineup under makeup was a "nonstarter."

Chatting with LA Times, Stanley kicked off by discussing the work ethic of KISS and the fact that the band is frowned upon by a portion of fans for often stepping outside the music domain.

"I still believe the heart and soul of this is a band. The music is imperative," Paul noted. "Maybe our horizons are broader because we have an opportunity to go other places. Why not? Whether it's a football team or restaurants, people say that's not rock 'n' roll.

"Let me tell you what's rock 'n' roll: Winning is rock 'n' roll," the frontman concluded.

Switching to the Rock Hall matter, Stanley said, "The naysayers, and some of them are loud, talk about Tommy [Thayer] or Eric [Singer] being impostors. I think an impostor is a guy up there doing it for a paycheck. We've never been happier."

Gene Simmons was quick to chip in, adding, "Imagine getting onstage and playing with a lineup that does not exist."

Showing the interviewer a set of photos from the group's worldwide arena shows, Gene explained: "Can you see the faces? That's about 90,000. You see a bald head in there? You think they ... about Ace and Peter? They're going, 'Who?' We've been around 40 years, and only two members stayed there the whole time, never quit, no drugs, no booze. KISS is bigger than anybody in the band."
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