Original Marilyn Manson Guitarist Dies After Long Battle With Cancer

Scott Putesky, a.k.a Daisy Berkowitz, was 49 years old.

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Original Marilyn Manson Guitarist Dies After Long Battle With Cancer

Loudwire reports that the original Marilyn Manson guitarist Scott Putesky, known as Daisy Berkowitz, has died at age 49 after a four-year battle with colon cancer.

After years of abdominal pains, Putesky was diagnosed with stage-four colon cancer in 2013.

Marilyn Manson shared via Instagram:

"Scott Putesky and I made great music together. We had our differences over the years, but I will always remember the good times more. 

Everyone should listen to 'Man That You Fear' in his honor. That was our favorite."

He co-founded the band and was present on all Marylin Manson's recordings, up until 1995 EP "Smells Like Children." Putesky left the band during the recording sessions of the "Antichrist Superstar" album. After that, he worked with Jack Off Jill and Godhead, and later on went on to launch his own project Three Ton Gate.

Rest in peace.


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    As you get older, things once irrelevant to the young begin sprouting up for the old. Cancer is a prime example. One of my friends who is only 28 had a softball sized tumor in his brain. My uncle had cancer of the throat. Even I had testicular cancer. Such a shame something so deadly can occur with little hope to fight it. RIP
    Colon cancer, is one of the least aggressive cancers you can develop. It also gives very early indications unlike other cancers, which he did not get it checked out early enough, given he had abdominal pain for years. Which is down to stubbornness on he's part I'd believe. My point is, he could have intervened this cancer by going to the doctor earlier, but he let it go too far.  So people, if you feel like something isn't right with your body, no matter how big nor small, get it CHECKED asap!! Don't sit back and do nothing. RIP.
    Great advice.  3 years ago, after having trouble swallowing for 3 months I had it checked out...thyroid cancer.  They removed it, zapped any cancer tissue left with a radioactive iodine pill, and I was good to go   
    glad to hear you caught it quick enough! Can't emphasize how important early detection is.
    Thanks    Early detection is key...also important are 2nd opinions.  Before I was properly diagnosed I told my wife's chiropractor about the problems swallowing.  He checked me out and said, "ya, your upper rib is out of alignment and that would cause the tightness in your throat and problem swallowing...I can fix this".  My gut told me he just wasn't right so I saw my GP and she nailed it.   In one of his final interviews, some guy asked Frank Zappa if he had any words of wisdom.  His response, "always get a 2nd opinion"  
    I've had a rock hard lump the size of a pea on one of my balls for like.... 10 years. I've been meaning to get it checked out, but i'm relatively healthy *knock on wood* and am just kicking on. I feel great. Part me of thinks i might regret it. What if it is too late already though? I'm not afraid of death. I just don't want everyone's pity and shit. I wanna carry on as i am. I don't want my hair to fall out. Took a while to grow it. Isn't that ironic? I'd rather die than 'fight it'. Each to their own though, right? If i do go to the doctor. I will tell him i found it a few days ago. I can't imagine how pissed off he'd be if he found out i've known for a decade.
    I'm just wondering, how old are you? I'm quite young myself still, but I guess at a certain age you just run with minor itches and stuff? Your point about colon cancer and early detection is perfectly valid, I just wonder if people start to accept certain medical occurences with age (like joint pain, that is not malign in itself, but still hurts)
    You seem knowledgeable, have you had it?
    No I haven't had it, thankfully! But I know two people (one in my family and a friend) who developed colon cancer and got it detected stage one. They were then able to have surgery to remove a part of their colon. Was still a tough experience for them and always still a chance it could come back.
    I'd add to your experience that my sister-in-law was diagnosed with colon cancer (and several others) at the age of 47...she only lived another 6 months.  My point is that even though the recommended age to get your 1st colonoscopy is 50, if you're younger than 50 and something seems wrong...please get it checked out anyway.  Cancer doesn't give a fuck what age you are  
    Interesting, as I' have had it, advanced stage 3, it showed no signs until I collapsed and I had regular tests.  Goes to show everyone's situation is different. he may well have been in same situation as me, except no in the UK and able to access immediate care for free.  Shame. 
    Guitarist dead, bassist charged with rape, Manson injured from stage props, is that a curse or what?
    Not the greatest guitarist my any means but loved his style just the same..... Portrait is still my favorite x Manson album
    Damn. Saw him onstage with Jack off Jill a couple of years ago, seemed like a nice guy and a great guitarist.