Original Masters of Joy Division and New Order Albums Discovered in Bin to Be Sold

Producer Martin Hannett abandoned the recordings years ago.

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Original copies of early recordings by both Joy Division and New Order that were found after they had been thrown away have now been put up for sale, NME reports.

Julia Adamson discovered the original masters and outtakes from albums such as Joy Division's "Unknown Pleasures" as well as music by New Order, the Psychedelic Furs, Magazine and many more years ago, but is now selling the physical copies after digitising them in 2008. The tapes originally belonged to producer Martin Hannett - who died in 1991 - but were found abandoned by Adamson, who was his assistant and now runs independent label Invisible Girl Records.

Writing on her Facebook page, Adamson says: "I have looked after these tapes for a long time and when I approached the artists (who were my first port of call) I was subjected to accusations and abuse ... so I don't really care any more. I know they are worth something to a collector ... and good luck to them. The quality of 'Unknown Pleasures' far surpasses the mastering from vinyl over the years (they lost the master tapes long ago ... these are copy masters ... and outtakes ... that I assure you are quite splendid)."

Adamson has extended the deal to all the artists and their record companies saying: "Tried the other band members, too, to no avail, and the record companies." She is keen for a collector to take them from her following discussions with Peter Hook, who she describes as "not a happy bunny."

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    somebody quickly call Jack White .... he will know what to do with those albums!
    More Joy Division / Generally post-punk related news on UG! Not all of us are Metalheads. But the bands response seems weird to me. Peter Hook is constantly touring Joy Division material these years, you should think he might be interesting in releasing some collectors edition stuff or something like that.
    That's pretty amazing. Joy Division are/were one of the most talented and underrated bands ever. So what's up with the band members of these recordings doing getting upset with this person? It's not like she stole them, she just happened to come upon them. Wasn't it the original engineers' assistant who disposed of the tapes?
    Wow... I would kill to get my hands on the Joy Division and Psychedelic Furs Tapes!