Original Nirvana Drummer Interested in Band Reunion: 'Grohl on Guitar and Vocals, Krist on Bass'

Chad Channing calls Grohl-fronted Nirvana "the only arrangement that we cold pull off."

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Original Nirvana drummer Chad Channing recently told NME that he's open for reuniting with the iconic act, dubbing Dave Grohl-fronted edition of the band "the only arrangement that we cold pull off."

Asked if he'd get back into Nirvana fold, Chad replied, "Yeah, if they wanted me to. It'd maybe be something like Dave playing guitar and singing and Krist [Noviselic] doing bass. That'd be about the only arrangement I could think of that we cold pull off."

Prompted to comment about not being inducted into the Rock Hall with the rest of the group at this year's ceremony, Channing noted, "I'm fine about it actually. I've always sort of felt that for me, everything's so much more about the music than the accolades."

Chad was a member of Nirvana until 1990, contributing to the band's debut record "Bleach," as well as laying down parts for "Polly" track on the group's sophomore effort "Nevermind."

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    Man I'd like to see that but the shitstorm it'd raise would hardly make it worth it.
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    Why worry about 'the shitstorm'? If it's something you want to see happen you should hope it does, the go watch it and enjoy it. Just ignore anybody that makes a fuss.
    Who cares about a shitstorm? No matter what you do or say some people are going to whine and complain about it. You've gotta do, think and say what makes you happy and not worry about it. You can't make everyone happy all the time.
    They ought to do it, even just as a giant F-You to anyone who thinks they have a right to tell them what they are and aren't allowed to do; those opposed can shove a hard one up their arse.
    b....b...but it's Dave Gohrl, playing geetahr and sinning, with J.Krist Nobi-wan Kenobi on base and the orriginel drummr on drumms
    yeah all the teenage girls that rub their snatch to Kurt, but only know "Smells Like Teen Spirit" will lose their shit. But is that necessarily a bad thing.
    This could be cool!
    Yeah, reunions like this usually don't work, but this could actually end up awesome.
    It'd be at least year or two from now with Grohl putting out a new foo fighters album and certainly touring in support of it, maybe they could join him on tour and play a couple of nirvana songs at each show, put a full pledged Grohl fronted nirvana tour seems unlikely at least for now.
    That would be cool for maybe a couple of shows but not a full on reunion with a tour or anything, Nirvana's sound is defined by Dave on drums, Kurt on guitar and vocals and Krist on bass. Not saying Chad didn't do anything he definitely played a crucial role but it wouldn't be the same.
    No Kurt Cobain = No Nirvana.
    AIC moved on with a new singer and it worked out quite well
    But they didn't move on without their guitarist and principle songwriter.
    RHCP moved on without Frusciante twice and it wasn't that bad, neither of the times.
    Well I don't think they'll be writing any new material, probably just a reunion tour or something. And let's be honest it's not exactly difficult to replace Kirks guitar playing.
    Well yeah, but that scenario's a little different, because even when Layne was in the band Jerry did the bulk of the songwriting and sang co-lead on quite a few tracks. Nirvana was defined by Kurt's writing and voice to an extent that AIC never was for Layne.
    Surprised youre not getting downvoted, because youre absolutely correct, without Kurt there is no NIRVANA.
    Bleach is their best album,so i approve this
    I love Bleach, as long as they call themselves something other than Nirvana. This could be really cool and his Bleach on Bleach was really good and heavy.
    Well they could tour as "Grohl, Channing, and Novoselic" or something like that. Like how there was an off-shoot of Yes called "Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman, & Howe"
    It's one thing to listen to someone sing one, maybe two Nirvana songs, like the RnRHOF show. It's quite another to have someone else sing a whole album or full-set show live. Kurt's voice/interpretation it's what gave Nirvana its power. You might need to find a singer/songwriter who is as cynical about life as Kurt was to pull this off, otherwise it would be like a bad karaoke night.
    It was Kurt's band before it was Kurt and Krist's band. When Kurt died, NIRVANA died. /thread
    Nirvana was created by Krist and Kurt together, Kurt had other bands before but Nirvana was a different band altogether and the name itself didn't come about until after Krist and Kurt had already been playing shows with Aaron Burckhard on drums. Kurt came up with the name, but the band was already a preforming unit at that point.
    Why can't four old friends get together and play a show or two for fun? Its funny when fans think they can call the shots. If they want to do this let them, if it ruins your interpretation of nirvana's legacy then that's fine. You probably never got what it was about anyway.
    That sounds like the worst idea ever. Dave can't replace Kurt, no one can. Maybe if you wanted to turn Nirvana into Foo Fighters v2.0.
    "Original Nirvana drummer Chad Channing" Huh, I didn't know Nirvana's 4th drummer was there original drummer, way to go UG and NME http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nirvana_(ba... I wouldn't mind some one off with Pat Smear, but full time reunion? Hell no.
    He was their drummer on the first album and appeared on albums after Bleach so he was always kind of a contributer
    He was their drummer on the first album and appeared on albums after Bleach so he was always kind of a contributer
    Nirvana reunion is something that should never happen without Kurt. Some of you might disagree and that's fine.
    I'd love to see this but I doubt Dave would do it. He respects Kurt too much. He'll instrumentals but won't sing.
    Nirvana's so overrated and this guy just wants another shot in the limelight. Yuck.
    Why don't you listen to Kurt's songs from when he was 17. He shreds better than you.
    Wait, there was somebody before Dave Grohl?
    Dave Grohl was the fifth drummer of Nirvana.
    Yeah, and Kurt played with the Melvins for a while.
    Kurt auditioned for the Melvins, played small parts on the songs Sky Pup and Spread Eagle Beagle, and was listed as co-producer on certain Houdini tracks; though the true level of his involvement as such is unknown. He was not, at any point, a member of the Melvins. He supposedly schlepped gear for them for a while, but Buzz himself has said on record that his small stature proved him to be less than helpful.
    Kurt auditioned for the Melvins, played small parts on the songs Sky Pup and Spread Eagle Beagle, and was listed as co-producer on certain Houdini tracks; though the level of his involvement is unknown. He was not, at any point, a member of the Melvins. He supposedly schlepped gear for them for a while, but Buzz himself has said on record that his small stature proved to be less than helpful.
    Yes, they shoul do it, but not under the Nirvana name. That's the Kurt essence. And what's the drama with the cymbal on Polly? I think Chad did an amazing job on Bleach and in other songs on Incesticide in which he also perfoms, for being or recognized just for doing that on Polly or mocking him for just doing that.
    I could never understand such religious zeal with which this kind of matters are viewed. Why would it raise a shitstorm? It's MUSIC, for god's sake! It's just music. And Kurt did it for the music. He wrote songs. To make people happy. To make himself happy. To have a good time. He did it with Chad, with Dave, with Krist. So why on earth is it even thought of as a controversial thing? Band members getting together to play music. Why is it even up for debate? One has to be a total idiot to think this would be Nirvana, so No Kurt = No Nirvana. This would be exactly what it is: people playing music. Without a fallen brother. But in his honour. Everyone in their right mind understands that Kurt is gone, but his music lives on forever. It should be PLAYED.
    I could think of a million reasons this could work and could not work. The best bet would be Krist, Dave, Smear, and the P-90 Tele playing singer from Seether. Even then, I'm not so sure about calling it Nirvana...the biggest problem with this band is that you could hold to the punk ethos, and not do it, hold to the commercial success ethos, and call it Nirvana or Nirvana II for the name recognition, or you could go the Ozzy/Sabbath or Queensryche route and call it something in relation to the band - ie. Nevermind for example.
    I don't think they should make an album or make any new songs under the name of nirvana but I do think that a world tour could work, they could do it for charity for people who suffer with depression.
    Headline should read 'Original Nirvana Drummer Has No Money'.
    Try some reading comprehension when you get some time.....it says that it was a question asked....not a statement made.....
    Fuck off. To have any interest in such a bastardised "reunion", you'd have to be in need of the money.
    Yeah, hanging out with your old buddies and playing music you wrote together sounds like a really awful thing to do. I wouldn't do that either if I didn't need the money :p
    Haha...Polly doesn't even have drums...jokes on you Chad Channing!
    Actually, a lovely and concisely placed crash precedes each chorus ya dangus.
    "Everything's so much more about the music than the accolades". BS Chad, you know he was pissed when he found out he wasn't inducted.
    We get conflicting information about HOF inclusions. When Metallica went in, Mustaine not being included was explained that it was because he hadn't contributed on any official recordings. That argument certainly doesn't fly with Chad and Nirvana, though, so what gives?
    My first thought was "Grohl singing Heart-Shaped Box"? Hell yeah! Although Kurt was one of a kind and can't be replaced then it would be fun to see couple of reunion shows. A full tour (and a new album) would be something strange. Chad needs to improve his drumming though. As far as I can remember he was quite sloppy..
    I think it should play out more like a tribute show, kind of like what Death did last year and what Acid Bath are planning on doing in the future, rather than a full blown reunion.
    When Nirvana was first announced for the RRHoF, I actually hoped this would be the arrangement they would've performed as. Of course it'll never be Nirvana without Kurt, but if you have all final and former members of the band, I find that more "original" than tapping another singer to take Kurt's place. That to me, is more disrespectful of the legacy than Dave singing. Especially since it was Dave, not Krist who did most of the backing vocals live. I think it could be pulled off well, but not with any new albums. Just something here and there.
    I don't like this idea, and I think its not gonna to happen. I liked stuff with Paul McCartney when some other artists which Cobain appreciated take over vocals.
    Also, it was stupid that Chad didn't get into the Hall Of Fame. He was great on Bleach and all of the other recorded stuff that is floating around, including the Incesticide stuff. Dave Grohl kept almost all of his parts when they recorded Nevermind too. He was on probably on about 50% of the studio Nirvana recordings.
    Not really sure that I'd like to see them do this with the Nirvana name, but it could be a really cool project!
    kill it
    a reunion to me is when a defunct band reforms and begins performing again. obviously this is impossible for nirvana since the most important member is deceased. to me what is being described here is a 'tribute'. i'd love to see them do a few tribute shows like this. to even consider calling themselves nirvana is completely wrong.
    Chad actually did most of the drum parts for Nevermind, Dave just played them instead.