Original Smashing Pumpkins Lineup to Reunite?

Report indicates Billy Corgan's latest statements are a cry out for reunion.

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An interesting Alternative Nation report recently surfaced online, indicating that the recent series of statements from Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan is in fact somewhat of a reunion cry out.

According to the same source, Corgan's pessimistic comments on modern rock and today's rock scene and even somewhat of a jab he took at the band's current lineup can me interpreted as a desire to quit the music business, but also as a desire to get back on track with the original lineup.

Some of the mentioned frontman's comments include the following: "I don't really know what makes sense any more. I think you have to come to a place where you say, if you continue you continue with a particular vision, not keep rolling with the tide.

"Because the tide as it is I don't think it's that great. I'm not saying that the audience isn't great, or that the band isn't great. Something about it all feels a little too nicey nice. I'm not in a rock and roll band to be nicey nice, it's just not my thing."

Another Corgan's statement reads: "I think it's a shame that James and I, by the time we got to 'Mellon Collie,' our relationship had deteriorated to the point where we weren't working that way any more because I think that contribution with us together would have made 'Mellon Collie' and other albums after that better albums.

"In a way that if you put Jimmy Chamberlin and me in a room, good things happen. To this day I miss D'arcy's sense of integrity, but its not like the integrity of the indie world, she had a certain kind of musical taste, I think is the best way to put it, that I still respect."

The report concluded, "Of course, this is all speculation. For all we know, the classic lineup will tell Billy to f--k off, though I doubt they'd pass up the money associated with a reunion tour and album. But I have a feeling something big in the BillCo department will be happening in the near future..."

As clearly noted, this is all mere speculation, but do you see the original Smashing Pumpkins reunion as a possibility here? And do you think it should happen? Let us know in the comments.

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    It's not likely. Just because you miss something doesn't mean to say you don't have the sense to leave it alone and preserve its legacy. And is D'Arcy even involved in music anymore?
    Yeah she's not involved in music anymore and basically disappeared from the scene completely years ago. I think she's been living in Michigan doing nothing musically related.
    Jacques Nel
    In a perfect world, it would obviously be great to have them come back, be in great shape, write songs of the same caliber they did then, but in a realistic world I don't see this happening.
    REALLY can't see it happening. James has always seemed happy enough with his life post-pumpkins, D'arcy may not be in a good enough state of health even if she was interested and I'm sure Billy's parting shot of "good luck riding around in a van for the rest of your ***ing life" to Jimmy must still hurt.
    Not going to happen, nor did William even suggest it. It seems though he misses the dynamic of the old Pumpkins - "Something about it all feels a little too nicey nice. Im not in a rock and roll band to be nicey nice, its just not my thing "to this day I miss Darcys sense of integrity." He probably has people around telling him everything he wants to hear rather than the honest opinions he would have gotten in the past, although certainly a source or turmoil, they resulted in better music.
    Can't see it happening, as much as I would love it. Last I heard D'Arcy had gone way down hill.
    ZOSO <(")
    I think she's sober now, but yeah, for a long while she was really ****ed up.
    Hopefully she's better now, but she's hardly in shape to deliver top notch performance
    Another Corgan's statement reads Oh, so it wasn't Billy Corgan. Which Corgan was it?
    The band will reunite, but don't expect them to play their older songs
    You think? It always seems like James has absolutely no interest in having anything to do with Billy again. I don't think they've even spoken since the original breakup.
    Mr. Stripe
    Doesn't happen. I've been a Pumpkins fan for a long time and I know this isn't going to happen. D'arcy is ****ed up by drugs, James and Billy wouldn't work together anymore and I mean come on! The Pumpkins are rocking in their current form, there is no reason to stop that!
    I'd rather like another APC record with Iha on it. It'd be great to see them together again, the classic line up put on some amazing shows.
    Why is it that I can always guess at what the article will really say, when the headline is a question?
    As much as Billy won't want to admit it, having the original Pumpkins back is the only way "people" are going to start caring about his music again.
    One can only dream.... It would be spectacular to see them reunite. I love every album they have put out...and have seen them live many times with their new lineup. I wasn't privileged to see the original lineup. If they ever released any legit news that this was happening.....my goodness. Oceania is a great album! Not disappointed in it at all. Their live show is amazing.
    I wouldn't really care; he has a great band backing him right now, I go to a SP concert to see Billy.
    Everybody looks back when they get old. It's just an honest man reminiscing.
    If it happens, I'd like to see them bring back Butch Vig as well and record analog. Oceania wasn't so bad, but it was just so compressed. I want analog and I want vinyl and an actual CD at 44.1k.
    I dont think it really matters if the original crew come back apart from Jimmy as Billy wrote everything.Plus I dont think James was ever intrested in going back.
    This flog bagged out half the bands reuniting of late, claiming it was money grabbing and embarrassing. Bloke is a deadset knob jockey!
    The key is to get back to writing more "ROCKING" music. Old pumpkins had an energy level to it that new pumpkins do not have. Get away from being ultra artsy, get the mega fuzz pedal back out and write an album with 12 geek usa's on it. That should kill the nicey nice feeling. Oceania has some good songs on it but it's not an album i'm dying to hear in a live setting.
    As much as I'd love to see it. I am VERY pleased with the most recent lineup and album. Oceania was amazing and definitely deserves a follow up with the current lineup. The drummer was 19 (probably 20 now) when I saw them tour last year and blew my mind! Definitely nailed Jimmy's parts while also having a unique style on the newer songs.