Orson To Play Intimate HMV Acoustic Sets

artist: Orson date: 04/27/2006 category: music news
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California rockers Orson are flying into Scotland to promote their new single "Bright Idea," which is due for release on May 15th, reports icScotland.co.uk. Orson will be visiting HMV stores in Dundee (71-77 Murraygate) at 12pm and at Argyle Street, Glasgow at 5pm. Both the Dundee and the Glasgow free in store gigs take place on Monday May 15th. As well as signing CDs and any other merchandise/body parts that they can get a hold of, Orson will be playing an intimate acoustic set of songs from their debut album "Bright Idea,: which is released on May 29th. Orson's debut album "Bright Idea" is brimming full of pop beauties. Opening with title track Bright Idea and number one single No Tomorrow, the album steams on with the promising festival pleaser Tryin' to Help, the air guitar anthem of Last Night and ending with The Okay Song.
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