Oscars Roundup: The Big Music Winners

How did the awesome 'Searching For Sugarman" documentary perform in the movie industry's biggest night of the year?

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The Oscars might be a movie award ceremony, but music was a big part of the 2013 event.

The big musical winners of the evening were Adele and producer Paul Epworth who took the Best Song Oscar for their Bond theme to "Skyfall". Adele's live "Skyfall" performance pretty much stole the show, but she wasn't the only Bond girl to perform on the night - Shirley Bassey took to the stage to perform her 1964 classic "Goldfinger".

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Excellent music documentary "Searching For Sugarman", about the hunt for a lost but beloved musician, won Best Documentary. Sadly the team accepting the award were rushed off stage with the new Jaws theme which prompts anyone who talks for too long during their speech. A nice idea, but mean in practise - especially when "Life Of Pi" won Best Visual Effects and tried to tell the world about their effects team needing support after going bankrupt, only to hear the Jaws them prodding them off stage.

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Lots of musical performers also took to the stage, from Catherine Zeta Jones who celebrated Chicago's 10th anniversary with "All That Jazz" to Hugh Jackman and the lead song from the "Les Miserables" score.

Did you see the Oscars event? What was your favorite bit?

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    Nero Galon
    Personally I thought Perks of being a WallFlower was one of the best films in 2012, and included one of the best soundtracks. Of course it didn't get a nomination for anything -_-
    I thnk Forest gump has a great soundtrack. hendrix, CCR and lynard skynard (twice)
    anvil is god
    Rich people sucking off other rich people. Yawn.
    I will never understand why people think it is so interesting to watch undertalented(sometimes), overpaid, full of themselve actors or singers out for the night partying and giving each other statues.....
    So Glad Rodriguez is finally getting international attention. I'm South African so he was a staple of our youth, but it was always such a pity he was nothing more. Good on him and the team.
    I think Adele.. Shirley.. And .. God Help me.... Barbra Streistand owned! All three gave great performances and thought Skyfall sounded great .. Very Bond sounding and Adele was perfect.
    Wow, Adele's song...sucked...Just because she can match a pitch doesn't mean she's a good singer...Just sayin'.
    UG's nr 1 authority on singing has spoken. Please, Adele's a flawless singer. You may not like soul style singing, but saying she isn't a good singer is more bullshit than I can bare.
    The logic of those claiming Adele sucks: 1) Adele sings on mainstream radio 2) The internet told me mainstream radio sucks 3) Therefore, I must hate her, even though she is clearly talented and can sing well, I must still have this opinion, because the internet hates big pop-hits/stars, and I in order to get respect on the internet, I must dismiss all independant opinions, and jump on all bandwagons. 4) FUCK ADELE! METAL 4EVER!
    The perks of being a wallflower was seriously overlooked, A nomination would've been nice, I doubt it would have one when contending against the big AAA movies.. Am I the only one that just didn't like Adele's Skyfall? Compare it to Casino Royale's "You know my name" by Chris cornell it just doesn't even compare. I would rather Lana Del rey or some one who can actually write a great song with interesting lyrics take a shot at it.
    Adele's voice is lovely but boring :/ But hey, it's not like any of the legit best musicians would get awards like that. You'd never see Tosin Abasi or Jimmy Page or Myles Kennedy get them.
    Shirley Bassey was incredible. She still sounds great after almost 50 years since that song's release.
    I actually liked Scarlett Johansson's song. But Adele's good too and I see how it won.
    Life Of Pi should've won more awards. One of the mote beautiful movies visually I have ever seen and Suraj Sharma has to be on of the best actors go big last year.
    That song fits the whole Bond theme thing. But it's far from one of her best songs, pretty much all songs on her 21 is better than that. But again, it's certainly a Bond song