OutKast Return to London on Final Day of Wireless Festival

Bruno Mars headlines as third day of festival comes to a close.

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Outkast made a triumphant return to London as they performed on the final day of Wireless FestivalNME reports.

The Atlanta duo are currently on a 40-date festival tour celebrating 20 years in the music industry and performed second from the top of the bill at the Finsbury Park event on a bill that also included Ellie Goulding, Sean Paul, Clean Bandit and headline act Bruno Mars.

Taking to the stage shortly after 18:45 PM, Andre 3000 and Big Boi ran through an hour-long set in the penultimate set of the festival. In a set that gave nods to both old school fans and those watching for the hits OutKast opened with "B.O.B. (Bombs Over Baghdad)" before playing "Gasoline Dreams" and "ATLiens." Speaking to the north London audience for the first time, Andre 3000 said: "We are OutKast. If you don't know us by now you never will. We just turned 20 years old but we feel like we turned 17 just yesterday."

Introducing one of the biggest hits of the set, Big Boi asked: "Does anyone know anyone with the surname Jackson?" prior to "Ms. Jackson."

Both Andre 3000 and Big Boi performed brief solo sets during the OutKast performance with Sleepy Brown joining Big Boi for a rendition of "The Way You Move." Meanwhile, Andre 3000 brought a host of girls onto the stage when it came time to perform "Hey Ya!"

Despite a torrential rain storm in the middle of the set, spirits did not drop throughout OutKast's performance with both members of the group clearly enjoying the show. The set ended with Andre 3000 dedicating the performance to anyone who feelts like an outcast and saying that he and his musical partner don't make music for "white people, black people, gay people, straight people or flippety-flop people who haven't decided yet."

OutKast played:

01. B.O.B.
02. Gasoline Dreams
03. ATLiens
04. Skew It on the Bar-B
05. Rosa Parks
06. Da Art of Storytellin', Part 1
07. Ms. Jackson
08. Kryptonite (I'm on It)
09. The Way You Move
10. Prototype
11. Hey Ya!
12. Elevators (Me & You)
13. Roses14. So Fresh, So Clean15. The Whole World

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    If you don't at least appreciate Outkast, you don't appreciate life. Outside of their silly songs like 'Hey Ya' they are old skool rap to a T.
    This is still probably the best song to ever come from Southern Hip-Hop (especially considering the south has produced some of the worst hip-hop, Lil Wayne, Pitbull, Ludacris, etc.)
    Sewage Rat
    I feelts like an outkast but I'm a rat. Wireless > Wired
    Very metal lineup. Thank you ultimate-hip-hop.
    There is guitar present in plenty of OutKast's music, but only having metal would be no more true to a guitar site than never featuring rap music.
    I've been listening to Outkast since elevators was on the radio ('96) but come on... this..
    Should we expect the usual "outkast is not guitar related! Go to ultimate-hiphop!"?
    no because Andre 3000 is doing a Jimi doco and if you read the comments from that you'll see that he is actually highly respected by the UG community. Who wouldn't respect him, he's a sick guitarist