Ozzfest 2009 Cancelled

artist: Ozzfest date: 02/13/2009 category: music news
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Ozzfest 2009 Cancelled
2009 is shaping up to be a busy year for Mr. Ozzy Osbourne. So busy, in fact, that he has decided to cancel his annual festival tour, Ozzfest, in order to focus more of his time on his forthcoming album. The following announcement was posted on the official Ozzfest website yesterday: "Ozzy Osbourne is currently in the studio in Los Angeles co-producing his 10th studio album with Kevin Churko. The new CD is the rock & roll legend's follow-up to 2007's Black Rain which debuted in the Top Ten on the album charts in 11 countries and spawned Ozzy's first ever #1 active rock track, I Don't Wanna Stop (which also sat atop the Heritage Rock chart for more than 20 weeks). The two-time Grammy Award winner has decided that he will not be touring until he has a new album in-stores (currently projected to be Thanksgiving 2009). Thus, Ozzy has decided to put his namesake festival Ozzfest on hold this year." "In the meantime, if you need an Ozzy fix you can watch him with Sharon, Kelly and Jack on the first family of rock's return to television. The Osbournes: Reloaded is set to launch this spring on Fox TV. Stay tuned for more information [on] The Osbournes: Reloaded and the new Ozzy Osbourne album." This year's cancellation will mark the first time the tour has skipped a year since it's inception in 1996. Hopefully the tour will return to its former glory when it returns in 2010. Many fans have been vocal about their displeasure in the last couple years of Ozzfest. 2007's "Freefest" featured a less than stellar line-up and 2008 reduced Ozzfest from a touring festival to a 1-day destination festival in Texas. Report by David Lowe-Bianco.
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