Ozzy Discusses Terrorist Themes on '13'

"They're always blowing themselves up," mumbles Ozzy while discussing terrorists and their single "God is Dead?"

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Ozzy Osbourne has said - or rather, mumbled - that the Black Sabbath single "God Is Dead?" is about terrorist attacks, but has an optimistic finale that confirms his faith.

Loudwire fired in a question at a rowdy press conference at New York City Town Hall to ask if God's existence is something Ozzy ponders every day:

"I was in a doctor's replied room and [I saw] a magazine which said, 'God Is Dead,'" said Ozzy, "and I thought, 'F--king hell, they flew planes into the World Trade Center and they're always blowing themselves up in market places, killing innocent people in the name of their god.' If you listen to the twist at the end of the song, it says, 'I don't believe that God is dead.' Geezer [Butler] said he wrote [the lyrics] about someone who is in search for the fact if God is still there or he's not, you know?"

When asked if the character in the song is asking for reception at the end, Ozzy is rather more flippant, saying: "I dunno. Whatever you want to make of it."

Watch the brief interview with a rather confusing Ozzy here:

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    Ozzy has nothing to do with the meaning of the song. Geezer wrote the lyrics. Just because you sing something doesn't mean you believe it.
    So bad... I prefer when the singer wrote the lyrics himself, through which he expresses his perception of the world. I think it's not enough just to have good vocals - that's great, but it's just a technique. I think that vocalist has to invest a part of yourself (or even completely) in the music - and through his own lyrics too.
    Geddy Lee disagrees. If you can relate to what is being sung in a meaningful way where it's valid and you feel what you are singing, that's what counts I believe. Ozzy more often than not finds a melody rather than just not doing jack. Counter-point, Geddy also does that as wwell as writing the music
    For the most part, In regards to Sabbath, Geezer was the one who usually wrote the lyrics. That goes for a lot of other bands also, Dream Theater comes to mind. Just because someone doesn't pen the lyrics doesn't mean they can't find a personal connection to the song, and sing it as if it were there own.
    Guitar playing is just a technique too. All band members don't write all songs in many bands. Anyway, Geddy Lee (as mentioned), Jens Kidman, James LaBrie, Ozzy, plenty of other vocalists in many bands don't write all the lyrics. Also, one could consider writing lyrics/music as a technique as well.
    I actually don't. Geezer writes great lyrics just in the vein of what Sabbath always did. I like his lyrics!
    Sheep Shagger
    "...optimistic finale that confirms his faith." The ****? Ozzy has said countless times that he doesn't believe in God.
    What the ****? Correct me, if i'm wrong, but the guy has been an Anglican(it's a popular confession of Christianity in UK) for quite a some time.
    Not like it matters either way, Ozzy's not going to be one to let religion control anything in his career. Hell, if he did, he'd have jumped the Sabbath Ship a long time ago!
    Dude have you ever heard After Forever by Black Sabbath? Or watched The Osbournes? He said countless times "We're not antireligious, we go to church almost every bloody sunday" And he has stated he is very religious
    Shouldn't they be asking Geezer Butler, the writer, about the meaning?
    After reading this, I still don't see any connection between the lyrics of the song and terrorist attacks. And I'm glad I don't.
    It's a miracle that Ozzy can still sing like he used to, because he certainly lost the ability to have a conversation like a human being.