Ozzy Osbourne: Health Tips. Part 2 - 3

Two more health tips from Ozzy Osbourne.

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Two more health tips from Ozzy Osbourne.

As part of his week-long series, "Dr. Ozzy's Seven-Day Guide To Better Living," Ozzy offers up better-living tip #2:

"If you write to Dr. Ozzy to ask if something is right or wrong...you know it's wrong."

And tip #3:

"Tattoos - You can do it yourself, but I'd advise not to, as things can go wrong when you're stabbing yerself with a rusty fork."

With more than 15 tattoos, Osbourne knows a thing or two about the process. One of his most famous is the letters O-Z-Z-Y across the knuckles of his left hand - which he created himself, as a teenager, using a sewing needle and some Indian ink.

Thanks for the report to Hennemusic.com.

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    You people are taking this shit way too serious... we are talking about Ozzy Osbourne... a man who moons his audience at basically all of his shows. Of course he has a sense of humor.