Ozzy Osbourne Knighthood Petition Crosses 21,000 Signatures Goal

Should Ozzy receive a Knighthood? Fans say yes!

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The petition for rock legend Ozzy Osbourne to receive a Knighthood has officially reached its goal, crossing the 21,000 signature mark on Causes.

Addressed to Honours and Appointments Secretariat - Cabinet Office (UK) David Spooner, the piece reads, "I am petitioning for Ozzy Osbourne, frontman for Black Sabbath to receive a Knighthood after over 40 years of service to the music industry.

"Birmingham born John Michael Osbourne, has been entertaining and inspiring a great many throughout his life, he has been a huge success world wide with many successful albums with both Black Sabbath as well as in his solo career. Now in his mid 60's, I believe the time has come for him to receive a Knighthood. Please consider Mr. Osbourne for this honor as it is well deserved and long over due. Signed, Helen Maidiotis."

As the recently-unveiled victorious post reads, the idea began as a petition to get the whole band knighted, but quickly developed into Ozzy Knighthood petition. Nevertheless, the goal was reached, and hopefully the suggestion will reach the officials. Stay tuned for more info.

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    Some may say it's anti-rock n' roll to accept, but that's his choice. This is pretty cool.
    there are way to many petitions these days
    I've seen a petition "To ban all pointless petitions". That's definitely a sign that the number of petitions is too damn high.
    Thats why i'm running for office with "the number of petitions is too damn high!" party. anybody else remember that guy?
    I remember another bloke who banned democracy. He may have started a small war during the 30s/40s....what was his name again? Hitler was it?
    You automatically lose this discussion for applying Godwin's Law. Good day, sir.
    I'd honestly rather see Tony get knighted - not only for his lifetime achievement to music but also for what he's accomplished after beginning cancer treatment. He's an inspiration to us all and is the true Iron Man.
    Hey, where can I sign this?
    The petition ended on July 31st,so sorry you missed out, but you can still keep the dream alive by spreading the word and using the hashtag #KNIGHTOZZYOSBOURNE where ever you can. Cheers!
    causes.com just sign up with your email and address and search for this particular petition.
    Although Ozzy's musical contributions are great, this kind of shows how useless knighthoods are these days.
    If they will knight Paul McCartney and Mick Jagger I see no reason why Ozzy doesn't deserve this. I bet he ends up getting knighted but the Queen won't personally do it. Just like with Jagger because she said he wasn't appropriate for the honour.
    The Ozz man was always straight forward with his messages, but feast your ears on this gentleman... Chicago.
    No. Just no. Let's be serious, Tom Jones, Mick Jagger, or Elton John didn't deserve it either. They're making a mockery out of this thing. How about professors, Doctors, or engineers who dedicate their lives to improve the world. Music is a wonderful thing, don't get me wrong. But all it really does is entertain. It doesn't actually save the world or even a country.
    Though culture is still important to a country. Not everything has to be world-saving to have a significant and positive impact on a large group of people.
    It can save an individual and it actually plays a HUGE role in how culture is shaped. Lighten up dude.
    If you think music doesn't help people get happier and cope better with their problems thus being more healthy (which is the same as the work of a doctor), you must be a special kind of stupid.
    Thank you TomusAM and filipe26, well said. Music is a very important part of our lives and without it, it would be a terrible place. It helps people cope and gives them inspiration in many ways. Ozzy is a perfect example of that. #KNIGHTOZZYOSBOURNE
    culture is crazy important and people get all iffy if you try to tell people how important it is.
    You think culture is not clearly a defining factor in how a country progresses beyond stagnation in an archaic, regressive, barbaric society? Clearly never played Civilization...