Ozzy Osbourne Starts Yet Another Fire

It's the second time that fire fighters have been called out to the Osbourne home this year. So how did he manage to start the blaze this time?

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Ozzy Osbourne has started yet another fire in the Osbourne household, this time while attempting to cook a bacon sandwich.

The Black Sabbath frontman was making a late night snack but ended up having to call fire fighters, according to a tweet by his wife Sharon Osbourne.

Here's "Prince of Darkness"' wife reaction:

I'm in London, @OfficialOzzy is in LA making a bacon sandwich last night and the fire brigade ended up at our house!!

Sharon Osbourne (@MrsSOsbourne) August 28, 2013

It's the second time this year that the Osbournes have caused a serious fire in their house. In January, an oil candle caused a blaze which left Ozzy with a serious injury to his hand. "His eyebrows are gone... hes got, like, skinned cheeks," said Sharon at the time. "We are, like, two idiots, it was like The Three Stooges. Everything you are not meant to do, go to bed with candles alight, open the doors and put water on, we did it all."

Yesterday, Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi explained how the band decided to veto Rick Rubin's suggestion that Cream drummer Ginger Baker join the lineup. "We put a stop on," he said. "We didn't think Ginger would have been ... we didn't want to go into the studio and have, um, problems."

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    I guess you could say that piece of bacon was a War Pig.
    I think you're being paranoid.
    None of this would of happened if he just had Rat Salad instead.
    That quote about Ginger Baker at the end just feels so slapped on. It doesn't really fit.
    Finished with my eyebrows because they burnt off my head in the night Trying to make a sandwich but I keep burning all the time. Can't you help me? Butter a slice of Bread, Oh yeah.
    Also, am I the only one that this article made hungry? I really could go for a bacon sandwich right now, damn.
    If it was anyone else, it'd be "Oh my God, it's good there was no damage and everyone's ok!" but since it's Ozzy we're all just "Oh Ozzy! He's at it again!"
    How the hell does somebody start a fire while making a bacon butty? That's impressive.
    You can just imagine it at the end of an Osbourne's sitcom. Family "Oh, Ozzy!" Ozzy "Ha ha!" *sparkly smile*
    It's Friday, Friday Gotta get down on Friday Everybody's lookin' forward to the weekend, weekend Friday, Friday Gettin' down on Friday Everybody's lookin' forward to the weekend Partyin', partyin' (Yeah) Partyin', partyin' (Yeah) Fun, fun, fun, fun Lookin' forward to the weekend
    It wasn't Ozzy at all. It was the devil finally coming to collect his old ass. He's been dead for several years now, but just refuses to leave the stage.
    I would like to know if he did a Zombie Stomp when he realised he can't eat .... *sigh* I know, I know... It does get him through, Bacon, he is a bit of a dreamer...and sometimes a rock n roll rebel. but burning bacon is a road to nowhere... Again *sigh* *rolls eyes* I'll stop now.