Ozzy Osbourne to Become Rock Tsar of Birmingham?

British cities should appoint music ambassadors, government-backed report says.

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A recent UK government-backed report acknowledged the importance of music-related tourism in Britain, revealing that music aficionados have boosted the economy for over $3.5 billion (£2.2 billion) in 2012. According to Independent, the given report also points out that cities across UK should appoint "music ambassadors," to exploit their pop heritage, naming Ozzy Osbourne as the first potential Rock Tsar of his hometown Birmingham. As the report further reads, the Wish You Were Here study found that 6.5 million music tourist have directly spent almost $2.1 billion (£1.3 billion) on festival tickets, transport and accommodation. Food, drink and other additional expenses summed up to around $1.46 billion (£914 million) and a grand total of $3.5 billion. As for the individual spending, an average music tourist spends around $1450 (£910) while attending festivals and around $960 (£602) when going to regular concerts. "Cities steeped in musical tradition, such as Liverpool, have already made huge progress in creating a strong tourist trade around music," the report reads. Finally, the report concluded that Birmingham, hometown of legendary Black Sabbath, should "establish a music ambassador," as well as "a plaque scheme to celebrate musical achievement, a permanent hard rock exhibition and a music digital archive." Is Ozzy right for this position? Let us know in the comments.

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    next up David Bowie is the new king of England...but seriously Ozzy doing anything besides setting his house on fire is pretty much awesome in my book
    Who can guess which Black Sabbath song this is? WuhhhhhWahhhhhwuhhhh ... WuhhhhhWahhhhhwuhhhh ... WUHHWAHHHWEEEWUHHHWAHHWEEUWHHHH, WUHHWAHHHWEEEWUHHHWAHHWEEUWHHHH, WUHHWAHHHWEEEWUHHHWAHHWEEUWHHHH, wuhhhhhHhhhhhHHH!
    Birmingham has such a metal heritage that could be lots of people, from Judas Priest, to half of Zeppelin, to Napalm Death.
    It's like the only thing I have to talk about when I mention I live there ... Unless they don't like rock / metal - then I'm screwed...
    Not bad. Mick Jagger as Tsar of Dartford (Even though the place already has streets named after Stones songs). And there are so many others. That I don't feel like thinking of now.
    Rock Tsar?
    I think it means he's going to oppress millions of malnourished rock acts while refusing to escape excessive traditionalism leading to a rock revolution which will establish a short-lived rock provisional government, that will in turn be overthrown in a second rock revolution leading to the establishment of rock Communist rule, further consolidated by victory in a rock civil war followed by decades of rock propaganda. And yes, I'm aware that wasn't funny, but I've typed it now so I'm going to post it and see what happens.
    Probably the only good thing to come out of the West Midlands...and that includes my ex-wife!
    Am I the only one who honestly thinks Ozzy Osbourne deserves a Knighthood by now? He IS a living legend and a patriarch of an entire musical genre...
    Theres a facebook page dedicated to getting ozzy knighted... go check it out!
    I don't think so, he just happens to have been around some very very talented musicians and he has good management (from a business point of view). From a musical and writing perscpective I don't think he has contributed (alone) to music much.
    Waht teh ehll si a Tsar?