Ozzy Osbourne: 'Where Are All the New Rock Stars?'

"Nowadays, I have a problem telling who's in the band and who's in the crew," adds Black Sabbath singer.

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Metal legend Ozzy Osbourne isn't too thrilled with younger acts these days and has recently shared a genuine concern regarding the future of the guitar-driven genre.

Chatting with Kerrang! magazine, Oz had a simple question to ask - "Where are all the new rock stars?"

"I honestly don't know who's going to carry the flag in the future, but I wish someone would hurry up. None of us are getting any younger, you know," the singer said (via Blabbermouth).

Asked about who is the ultimate rock star in his opinion, Osbourne replied, "David Bowie comes to mind. He's always original with his image and music. Nowadays, I have a problem telling who's in the band and who's in the crew - no one looks like a rock star!"

The vocalist was also asked to comment making the magazine's "50 Greatest Rock Stars in the World Today" and share his thoughts on why does he think he made the big 50. "[Why?] Probably because I'm Ozzy Osbourne! But the past year, with the success of Sabbath's '13' album and the world tour, probably didn't hurt..."

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    He's right, bands don't really have personalities anymore.
    The thing is todays popular hard rock and metal bands do have personalities, it just happens that the only trait they have is being a ****ing douchebag i.e Andy Biersack.
    the fans are gone, in my opinion there are a lot of great bands, just no following. Rival Sons, Scorpion Child, Red Fang
    Rex Inclitus
    I, live on the mountain, and dream of, the open skies. Scorpion Child have it down, raw and dirty. Singers stage persona reminds me of Klaus Meine in this early days but sounds like Dave King.
    If he is referring to the rock-'n-roll type Motley Crue rockstar; Ozzy you did it well but you nearly killed your wife and ruined your marriage. I guess that is pretty rock 'n roll. Then you get the genuine nice guy like Dave Grohl; world famous but down to earth. Then you get the I-think-I-am-a-rockstar but am actually a poser; transvestite-looking bands like Black Veil Brides.
    some do, they're just not the 'popular' bands. if you look at relatively new bands like biffy clyro or alter bridge, they've both got absolutely awesome on and off stage personalities. I see your point though.
    30 Seconds To Mars is one of the newer ones I think. Jared Leto is an awesome frontman!
    30 Seconds to Mars isn't rock. It's just shit.
    F*%$ off, there is nothing wrong with 30stm. You know where the new rock stars are? They're out there, making music, being shit on by you elitist twats for not being the OLD generation of rock stars. The drug-fuelled Ozzies are making electro-core and the more toned-down Stings are Jared from 30stm. Then you all go out and are like 'Ah, people aren't making good rock'n'roll anymore'. They are, you just aren't listening to them, thus letting Danny Worsnop, Jared Leto, or John Mayer become the new 'public' face of music. Your elitism is the goddamn problem. You people...
    You do realize you just posted a huge combative rant to someone named "Little_Boy". Music is like art, its all about interpretation... Don't let anyone get you riled up because they don't like a band you happen to dig. I mean, how do you think Nickleback fans feel? Hehe
    Nice rant. 30 Seconds to Mars are still shit though.
    I know what He's saying about these day's "rock stars" but Jaybrink10101 is missing something - THEY AREN'T ROCK They are Electro or Pop or Indie shit. We're looking for hard rock and classic metal. Just cause a band is new doesn't mean they suck, but it doesn't mean they are rock either.
    Not actually a rant, I just swear like a sailor. I realize it's art and shit, nor do I really give two craps about anything 30stm did after A Beautiful Lie, but check the crowds they pull...stadium sized rock bands are few and far between and don't sound like Guns n' Roses no more. There are good bands out there...Ghost B.C. are killing it these days, Mastodon, and to a smaller extent, Periphery and the other djent-core bands, but they don't get the exposure that these little dicks doing the warped tour do. The guys that get ragged on every five seconds here at UG? Andy Six or Biersack or whatever he's called this week from Black Veil Brides, Jared from 30stm...these guys are the new face of rock n' roll. I don't like it, but they're there. So either shut up and listen to the next 2 Dev records or accept the fact that it's changing.
    Their newest album was definitely shit. You have to admit the man has one hell of a voice, though.
    3stm are alright but to say they have personality? And that Leto is a great front man? The one time I saw them he was an arrogant prick...
    No hes not. And they arent rock and roll they are for 15 year old girls who think a washed up teen actor can sing and write a song....and they are wrong
    Ozzy saying "can't tell who's the band and who's the crew" is funny. The guy's been on stage in black pyjama pants and a black longsleeve for years now. What are rockstars supposed to look like these days? No one would buy a serious record from a guy dressed like Mötley in the 80s anymore. They'd just laugh.
    "I'm not a Rockstar, I'm a ****ing musician" - Taylor Hawkins
    because most bands nowadays have to be safe and watered down for the masses! it's the HIPster way!
    Bands watered down in their masses...
    just like hipsters in black glasses....
    Evil bands plot rock's destruction...
    Plus the industry's corruption...
    In the fields of CD's burning...
    Ignorance to rock star kind...
    Ruining it for all mankind, oh lord yeah
    Somebody needs to screenshot this thread and enshrine it in the UG Hall of Fame!!!
    I'll go down in history as part of the UG War Pigs improv sing along!