Ozzy: These Are the Songs Lemmy Wrote for Me. Everybody Underestimated Him

"He was very well-read, very clever guy. I miss him all the time."

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Ozzy: These Are the Songs Lemmy Wrote for Me. Everybody Underestimated Him

Ozzy Osbourne remembered late great Lemmy Kilmister and their musical and drinking collaborations, telling 95.5 KLOS (transcribed by UG):

"All my old drinkn' buddies are all dead! Lemmy died last year as well. It's a shame, he was a good friend of mine.

"Apparently, I heard that he has gone to the doctors to stop doing one thing or another. And the doctors said, 'Just carry on the way that you are.' He would do that meth, and all that shit. And a bottle of booze.

"You know, Lemmy was a character. We need a few of them.

"He wrote me a lot of good lyrics. I was doing one of my albums, and I went to his house and said, 'Would you care to do some lyrics?'

"He said, 'Yeah, come back in a couple of hours.' And I went back, and he says, 'Do you like them?' I read them and he had given me five different sets of lyrics, and they were all great!

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"He wrote 'Mama I'm Coming Home,' 'See You on the Other Side,' 'Hellraiser,' a bunch of stuff!

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"Everybody underestimated him. He was very well-read, very clever guy. I miss him all the time."

Lemmy wrote several other tunes for Ozzy during the '90s, including "I Don't Want to Change the World," "Desire" and "My Little Man."

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    No more tears was a badass album .One my Ozzy favorites if not my Favorite one. Can't go wrong with Lemmy's songwriting+Solo and riffage from Zakk (when it was still creative as a guitar player)+and Ozzy's singing probably at his finest.
    honestly, I think it was Ozzy's best album. Everything about it seemed to be top notch
    Hellraiser is one of the most underrecognized Ozzy tunes out there, but Motorhead's version was also really cool. Long Live Lemmy & Ozzy!
    Well damn, Lemmy wrote all my favorite Ozzy tunes lol never would've guessed that.
    I find Ozzmosis to be underrated. Perry Mason, See You on the Other Side, I Just Want You, Old LA Tonight etc. Great tunes with great solos
    I remember when No More Tears came out. Hell of an album. For some reason I thought Ozzy was close to dying and it was his last great statement. If he did die it would have been a great soundtrack to go out to.
    I love how Ozzy has never ever written a piece of music, and very few lyrics, and he's like.. the top-dog of Rock n Roll   The power of image, man, the power of image!
    Elvis didn't write a single tune. Was only somewhat proficient on piano, and could sort of strum the guitar. Star quality and charisma is the difference.
    He just happened to be the only white guy playing that style at the time therefore became the most famous. People didn't want to listen to blacks back then.
    James Hetfield, Rob Halford, Bruce Dickinson > Ozzy Osbourne
    I remember an interview where Iommi said that they'd be making songs and writing lyrics and melodies in Sabbath, while Ozzy would run around outside and play football   Also, his family and him pretty much invented reality-TV. Or at least made it mainstream! Definitely deserves a kick to the shins for that   Even so, he is impossible to dislike.
    I really appreciate Ozzy's voice, it's one of a kind and it had its part in defining metal... that being said I don't "like" (not that I know him) Ozzy as a person... To me he has a dishonesty to him that's quite hard to put finger on, probably because his image is so strong. Him not writing lyrics etc. doesn't bother me very much, but the TV reality show thing (especially in case of Ozzy) is disgusting. Also the whole deal with "Who the fuck is Justin Bieber" and then turning it into a commercial with... Justin Bieber. 
    So he didn't know who Justin Bieber was, asked the question, and promptly found out. I don't see how that's dishonest. 
    That No More Tears album is a flat out monster. In the pantheon of killer metal records start to end its grossly overlooked. You look at the names on it playing and writing wise and its like a Hall of Fame. Last record where Zakk Wylde was truly on fire in everything too, that title track solo is an absolute mother. Had everything, and as much as I adore Randy, you could reasonably say No More Tears may actually be the most compositionally and well done album Ozzy ever did (including Sabbath) and it shouldn't raise any eyebrows in surprise.
    so what did ozzy do during his "solo" effort if he didn't write lyrics and never played any instrument ?
    For starters, he sang lead vocals on like twenty albums. He also wrote the vocal melodies.
    This. Can we stop pretending that Ozzy does absolutely nothing?  He's always been fortunate in surrounding himself with great talent, that's fair enough, but if he truly had nothing to offer he'd have been forgotten about as soon as he got the boot from Sabbath.
    Can we stop pretending that Ozzy does anything? He's a thief, all of his writing credits were stolen. He's a singer that's it, he's not a songwriter.
    Singing. He sings. That's not nothing. That's definitely something. You don't become a household name by "not doing anything"... Oh shit... the Kardashians... But still...
    It's the fact he claims he does more at the expense of others. He owes Jake E Lee, Bob Daisley, etc. thousands of stolen credits.
    You mean Sharon owes them thousands.  Ozzy's just the singer, that's it.
    It's Ozzy's name on the credits therefore he gets the cheques so no I don't mean Sharon owes them thousands I meant what I said, Ozzy owes them thousands.
    By the way, the Radio-show this is from is great. Many good guests, also recorded, you can watch it on youtube.  It's called "Jonesy's Jukebox" hosted by the former guitarist of Sex Pistols. Give it a watch. Just saw an interview with Gary Numan there. tons of good stuff.