Ozzy To Judge Singers On X Factor

artist: Ozzy Osbourne date: 04/18/2011 category: music news
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Ozzy To Judge Singers On X Factor
Ozzy Osbourne might have once said that the singing contest X Factor was "about killing music to make light entertainment... It should be about music and talent but it's not." But with reports last week of a 1m tax bill, it seems he might dilute his opinion to get back to work and join the show as a judge. He will be following in his wife Sharon Osbourne's footsteps, as she was one of the founding judges when the UK show started in 2004. Speaking to The Sun, a source said "Ozzy would be a controversial choice but he can really bring something different to the show. Sharon was a big hit and we think Ozzy can do well too." Producers have been looking for a replacement since the pop singer and former judge Cheryl Cole moved to America for the US version of X Factor. Simon Cowell, the creator of the globally successful show, has also dropped his space on the UK panel to work on the forthcoming US series. Of course, we're hoping the Ozzy news isn't true, because not only could it represent a fall from grace for the metal legend, but to renege on his former opinion and contribute to the "killing of music" would be a sad day indeed.
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