Ozzy Up for Making Another Sabbath Album

Frontman "never says never" to new Sabbath record.

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Ozzy Osbourne has been talking with the Toronto Sun (via Blabbermouth) about Black Sabbath's latest album "13."

As Ozzy notes, he was happy that band made the album, as it meant that 1978's "Never Say Die!" wasn't his swan song with the band:

"When we did the album '13', if that was going to be the last album I ever did with Black Sabbath, it was okay, because before, in 1978 with 'Never Say Die!', wasn't a good time for me with Black Sabbath. So if we never do another thing together again, we ended on a better note. The only sad thing was that Bill Ward never played on it."

Ozzy also noted that, while he couldn't confirm if the band would be recording a follow-up, he would be interested in doing one:

"Everybody asks me if there's going to be a follow-up to '13'. And all I can say is, 'I never say never anymore.' I don't want to say, 'Yeah, we're never going to do another album,' because if everybody agrees and we don't take 500 years again to make another album, I'm up for it. I wouldn't mind doing another Sabbath album."

Speaking about Tony Iommi, Ozzy noted that the guitarist is still in good health:

"I haven't had one of them dark phone calls so I presume he's okay. He's unbelievable. I mean, any of us could be diagnosed with cancer. I always think cancer means death. I didn't know anybody who'd recovered. My wife recovered from colon cancer and that was the first person I ever knew. But he just accepts it and gets on with it. I mean, it's got to be worrying. But he's doing fine, I think, I hope. He's unbelievable. We all know our job, we all know our craft, but he's a very talented guy. Considering on his fret hand he's got no fingertips, he plays with prosthetic fingers at the end. I've often said to him, 'How the hell do you know when you're touching the strings?' I don't know. It's amazing."

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    To be honest, I've been 100% wondering that exact same thing Ozzy said at the the end of the article. How the hell DOES Tony know he's touching the strings when he plays?
    It's a very good question, the only answer I can come up with is "years of practice".
    its a good question but, he plays through an amp, so if what's coming out isn't what's in his head he's in the wrong spot... but that's just the captain obvious smart as answer.
    I would imagine he can feel the inside of the prosthetic fingertips move upward towards his fingers. If that makes sense.
    Yes, Yes, take my money, but seriously I hope they don't hire Rick Rubin again, they should get someone who still produces good albums, like Brendan O'Brien.
    thanks for re-reporting the same point from a different source you reported months ago on ozzy saying he'd do another black sabbath album we get the ****ing message
    I'd actually love it if Ozzy did a "duets" album with a bunch of other artists, either singers or musicians. For example: An Ozzy and James Hetfield song would be awesome.
    On the Ozzy: Prince of Darkness box set one of the disks was a bunch of duets and covers that ozzy did with other bands and musicians.
    Wait wait wait... Did he just call the man and group that founded what we know as metal today, poser metal...? Umm... Thats kinda like saying "that cow makes poser milk... I'm gonna go drink REAL soy milk..."n