Pain Forces Rob Halford to Use Wheelchair

The Judas Priest singer has had to swap his Harley Davidson motorcycle for a wheelchair because of back problems.

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Rob Halford has had to quit riding his beloved Harley Davidson motorcycle and swap it for a wheelchair.

The ageing Judas Priest frontman was forced to make the change because of a back problem, but he insists it's only a temporary problem and he'll be fit to rock the stage as normal soon.

"It's not as evil well, it is evil. I'm in agony right now. But it's just a back injury; it's going to be fixed. The Metal God will be bouncing back and everything will be great," he told Eddie Trunk in a recent interview (via Classic Rock).

Halford's back problems may be the reason behind the last-minute cancellation of the premiere for their live concert movie "Epitaph" in London this Friday, documents the show from their last ever world tour. Instead, an alternative screening has been arranged to satisfy fans who have already received tickets.

"We'll be holding a screening at the Soho Hotel, London, at 8pm on Friday. Tickets already issued will be honoured and those attending will also receive an advance copy of the DVD," says a statement from the band. "Alternatively, a full refund will be offered by Ticketmaster. We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause."

Meanwhile, Priest are busy working on a brand new studio album with new guitarist Richie Faulkner who says "it's shaping up really well."

Watch the "Epitaph" concert trailer here:

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    I guess you can say that he needs a painkiller.
    Considering how the lyrics of Painkiller say something about a steel monster with deadly wheels, I would dare to say Halford riding a wheelchair is the Painkiller himself.
    Just don't try headin' out to the highway with that thing...
    "documents the show from their last ever world tour " Jesus christ what? I really, REALLY hope that was a mistake.
    It has already been talked about for months and months. They are still going to tour but not on the same scale.
    I thought the title was referring to the band 'Pain' for a minute, Rob Halford would lose no fight!
    I thought that the cane he was using was only for show or something. I guess he really needed it.
    Odd, most people tend to use wheelchairs after BREAKING THE LEG, BREAKING THE LEG.
    Tipton: "Oh come on, Halford, it can't be hurting that bad, stop making a soap opera." Halford: "YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT IT IS LIKEEE"
    Guess that explains the pimp cane he's been rocking lately. Get well soon, Metal God!
    And I always remembered the Steel Wheelchair tour in the Simpsons been a joke at the Rolling Stones... Never mind.