Pain Of Salvation: New Drummer To Be Revealed In Norway

As posted on the band's website, the new POS' drummer will play his first show in Norway.

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As posted on the band's website, the new POS' drummer will play his first show in Norway!

"Always two there is...

"The search is over, and a new drummer has now joined the band. The level of competition and skills among the few drummers who remained at the top of the crop was extremely high, but this guy outplayed everyone in the end. To the extent, it might be added, that the band even chose to go for the one non-Swede finalist.

"So, who could this phantom be?

"Well, just to make things painful, it will not be made official who the new drummer is as of yet. Instead, the veil will fall live on stage next week, at the Motstoy festival in Notodden, Norway, 6th of October. This is not only the very last gig of the Sickening the World tour of 2007, but also the farewell show of long time drummer Johan Langell. This will be the only chance to see both drummers on stage with Pain of Salvation and, needless to say, those who have the possibility of attending this show will definitely be in for a special treat.

"To celebrate the event even further, the band will also perform some songs that the fans have not heard live in a long time. All-in-all: if ever there was a different and special show of Pain of Salvation, this is bound to be it! Your one chance to say goodbye to the old king, and welcome the new one."

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    Favourite band ever. I hope their next drummer is as good as Johan And I hope that they play "A Trace Of Blood" and that someone gets video of it