Panic! At The Disco Announces New Line-Up

artist: Panic! At the Disco date: 07/31/2009 category: general music news
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Panic! At The Disco Announces New Line-Up
Panic! At The Disco are regrouping after the departure of Ryan Ross and Jon Walker and have just announced who'll be the new members of the band. Walker and Ross quit the group and have since formed new band the Young Veins, and now their former bandmates Spencer Smith and Brendon Urie have replaced them. Cab guitarist Ian Crawford and The Brobecks' Dallon Weekes will join Panic! for upcoming studio and live commitments. Smith tells MTV News, "They're friends, so the decision was easy... Ian is probably the most talented guitar player that me and Brendon have ever played with, and Dallon is a really nice guy and a really great bassist... We're really excited." The revamped four-piece plans to hit the road with both Blink-182 and No Doubt later this summer. Thanks for the report to
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