Pantera's Vinnie Paul 'Carries A Lot Of Hate'

Bassist Rex Brown tells the real history of Pantera in his new memoir, and says the band would probably have got back together if Dimebag Darrell were still alive today.

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Former Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul "carries a lot of hatred in him," according to his former band mate and bassist Rex Brown.

Brown was discussing his new memoir "Official Truth, 101 Proof: The Inside Story Of Pantera", which is reportedly a stark and honest look at one of heavy metal's best-known bands from the inside.

"It's basically my tale of the Pantera years from my point of view," Brown told the Aquarian Weekly, adding that he was always "the silent guy in the band" and never did interviews when Pantera were active.

Speaking about Vinnie Paul, Brown said he finds it hard to relate to Vinnie's angry outlook on life. "When you read the book, you will understand his persona and his way of going about things. I'm not trying to hack Vinnie at all - I have a lot of empathy for him - but in the long run, the guy carries a lot of hatred with him that it's not right... I don't carry around this terrible vendetta against people."

Brown was approached to work on the memoir by author Mark Eglinton, best-known for his first book "James Hetfield: The Wolf At Metallica's Door" in 2010. It was a critical hit, and his new book with Brown is set to reveal sides to Pantera that you might not expect.

"It was cathartic, for sure," Brown says. "Reliving all of those memories and stuff like that, it really made me go back and think, 'F--k, man! I wish Dime were still on this planet because God knows what would've happened.' Unfortunately, he's not. I always envisioned that we would somehow try to get back together, but it was not meant to be."

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    Sometimes, I would wish Pantera would reunite for just one evening, getting a line of some of the worlds most awsome guitarists to play a final tribute to Dime, before finally leaving Pantera as a great part of their history, and move on again.
    I'm with Phil about this. He didn't shoot the guitarist neither did he hired the gunman. Let bygones be bygones. Pantera wasn't the first band that had creative differences and split (or got put on hold).
    As far as I know Vinnie doesn't have any grudge towards Rex. Rex was always neutral. Just to correct some guys who said Phil formed Down after leaving because of back pain, NO! Down was actually formed in 90s, first album was in 1995 if I'm not wrong. But yes, he did some stuff with Superjoint and then new Down album and tour. Yes, Phil is somewhat responsible for the end of Pantera, but there are always 2 sides of the coin. VH1 Pantera doc stated Vinnie and others trying to contact Phil(as far as I remember only Vinnie and Rita claimed that), whereas Phil stated otherwise. Up to you which side to choose. But blaming Phil for what happened to Dime is beyond limits. Yes, he admited he said that, but it was after the interview. Again, media just used it. Yes, Phil might not be the easiest guy, but he has stated that Dime's passing affected him too. People have disagreement and fights, especially in a band where everyone were hammered, people say stuff that they don't mean. As Phil kinda ended Pantera which was the best thing for all of them then yeah, I guess Vinnie is mainly pissed because of that.
    My Last Words
    Also, it's important to take in effect the fact that Phil was heavily into heroine at the time.
    Fuck Nathan Gale!!!!!
    My Last Words
    "While in the USMC, he was given medications for his mental problems. Writings found in Gale's possession indicate that he may have suffered from schizophrenia. Some say that he even once "held" an imaginary dog." He had heavy mental problems. So no, **** you.
    If you read the book "A Vulgar Display of Power: Courage and Carnage at the Alrosa Villa" then you get the mental problems but someone still should have done something about it long before he did it plus his mother never should have bought him a gun.
    "Mark Eglinton, best-known for his first book "James Hetfield: The Wolf At Metallica's Door" in 2010. It was a critical hit" So Mark Eglinton is a Pokemon master as well as an author? Sounds like my kinda writer haha ("critical success" might have been a better choice of words)
    It the man's brother after all.... it's hard to forGive Somebody when another person has spoken ill will about a deceased loved One who died before they had a chance to even to take it Back.
    He has still taken it back since then atleast, i mean he didnt know he was goning to get shot, nobody did. Everyone except for vinnie has pretty much forgiven him.
    In his defense, Vinnie has a fairly good reason to carry a lot of hate towards certain people.....
    I've never been a big Pantera fan, but can someone give me the lowdown on the feud between Anselmo and Paul?
    Things are like this, arround 2000-1 Anselmo left pantera telling the rest of the band that he was going to take a year off to have his back fixed and 6 months after that, they would be releasing a new pantera record. From that point, Phil lost contact with Dime and Phil and by their suprise, Anselmo started a band called Superjoint Ritual and then he formed Down, doing the complete oposite of what he told to his bandmates of pantera. Phil and Dime decided to move on, after waiting 2 years, and formed DamagePlan. Then during that time, for some reason, Anselmo started attacking the brothers trought the media, one of his most famous quotes of that time was "Dimebag deserves to be beated severaly" from that moment all the hate started, and since Dime's death started shotly after that, it would be easy to guess that Paul believes that Phil is related with the murder of Dimebag.
    Carl Hungus
    Down's first album was released in 1995. Much of the bad blood was substance abuse related which led to strong personality differences and exacerbated already lingering issues.
    Sorry to be picky but Phil formed Down in the early 90's. They released their first album in '95. I LOVE that album.
    Towards the end of Pantera's career (around 2000 or 2001) the band was trying to write new material but Phil was in the middle of a serious opiate addiction and being difficult to work with. The rest of the members hired a new singer and changed the band name. Shortly after, Dime was shot. Vinnie still blames Phil for the end of Pantera.
    Vinnie and Dime were the only Pantera members in Damageplan. It was a completely different band, not just a name change.
    Oh yeah, Rex did something else... then eventually joined Down with Phil for awhile. Going off of memory... it's a little fuzzy haha.
    Correct me if I'm wrong Anselmo left Pantera because he said he wanted a break to get his back pain sorted out. He ended up going to superjoint ritiual leaving pantera on a hold so Dime and Vinnie started damageplan, Dime died while touring with them so I guess Vinnie blames Phil in a way for what happened and probably holds grudges from the days of Pantera. Im sure theres more to it
    In what way exactly is this news? Also, if you make the article about his being hateful, why can't you give at least one example..? I didn't realize that not giving interviews was evidence of vendettas.
    you have to buy the book for examples, silly
    I see that now haha I didn't read the article that closely and I'd just woken up. I like how people got all butthurt over my comment though.. It was just a hung-over post-St.Paddy's Day mistake haha
    I mean the guy accusing him has spent only a decade of his life living in close proximity with him working with him in which he could deduce this stuff out, this is ****ing ridiculous.
    Vinnie Paul's hatred is mainly for Phil Anselmo. It's been fairly public for a long time. It's too bad he hasn't been able to get over it but who knows what really went down.
    Phil publicly proclaiming he was going to shoot Dimebag (or something to that effect) a matter of months before Dimebag's death (which obviously nobody could have forseen) fuelled this with Vinnie. That's as much as I know
    Phil said that dimebag deserved to be beaten severely (or something to that effect) which is a far cry from threatening to shoot him.
    matteo cubano
    He didn't say vinnie didn't do interviews...he was talking about himself dude.
    haha I see that now.. as I said.. very hung-over. thanks for clarifying.
    Carl Hungus
    He actually did give a few interviews to Bassplayer magazine way back in the mid nineties. He didn't really talk about the band though, mainly about his musical influences and playing style. He extolled his appreciation for the Mo Town sound.
    You know how this site works, you clicked on the story...if UG didn't post this type of stuff then there would be nothing new ever posted cause frankly awesome stories dont happen often...get tired of people always bitchin about the site yet are always on it. Take it or leave it. Other guitar/music sites hardly ever have anything new to talk about...and now my butt hurts....ha!
    It was an interview in which he talked about his band which just turns out to be one of the greatest metal bands ever. So yeah, it's news
    I'ts sad. Vinnie must be very wounded about watching his brother die in front of him, to be 9 years without talking to Phil or Rex, and not even forgiving them.
    "All Dime would've wanted was the gang to be back together..." How do you know this???
    My brother plays drums and I play guitar. If I saw my brother murdered on stage in front of me, I would never get over it, nor let it go. In fact, I probably couldn't go on living. Even if Vinnie went on a mass killing spring of orphan children with an ax, I would still have sympathy for him.