Papa Emeritus II Takes Off His Mask

Ghost's frontman "dresses down" for Music Feeds in-studio performance.

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Swedish occult rockers Ghost, who toured Australia recently with the Big Day Out, dropped by the Music Feeds studio in full clergymen attire to perform "Ritual," a cut from their debut full-length album, 2010's "Opus Eponymous;" "Year Zero," a song from their second full-length album, 2013's "Infestissumam;" and a cover of Roky Erickson's classic track "If You Have Ghosts." The latter song's progressive-rock undertones are emphasized by the strong vocals of Ghost frontman Papa Emeritus II, who dressed down slightly for the occasion. Check out the footage below.

Ghost's covers EP, "If You Have Ghosts," sold around 5,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 87 on the Billboard 200 chart. Issued on November 19, 2013 via Loma Vista Recordings, the five-track EP was recorded and produced by Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters, Nirvana), and includes cover versions of songs by Roky Erickson, Abba, Army of Lovers and Depeche Mode, plus a live version of the Ghost offering "Secular Haze," recorded in Brooklyn earlier this year.

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    Terry Tibbs gave in the used car sales business I see. Good on him, theres no money in it anymore, those forecourts cost a fortune.
    Can't wait for the new Ghost singles "Talk to Me" and "Much Love"!
    Yes it is a mask! - so the mystery is still on!
    Actually there are rumors as to who he actually is, along with the Nameless Ghouls. Though, as a Nameless Ghoul had once said, they trust their fans to keep them anonymous. So I will directly not say. However, a google search will yield some results if you please.
    Everybody already knows who the lead singer is, which isn't hard to find out. The other members a bit more tricky, but it makes sense when you know who they are (Met them back stage in Manchester) They are some of the nicest guys you will ever meet
    The fact that it's Mary Goore (formerly of Repugnant) hasn't been a mystery since 2010. Seriously, guys.
    It's clearly still a mask as his mouth moves about as much as Joan Rivers' face and she's had like 90 botoxes. There is nonetheless something infinitely badass about the man.
    I've never heard this band before, but man, dead ringer for this generation's Blue Oyster Cult. I enjoyed this immensely.
    he did not unmask, he still has it, he simply did not face paint
    This is a first time I have heard of this band. With the over the top evil lyrics and sound samples I keep expecting them to start playing Black metal or something but no, its classic rock from start to finish. Good stuff but its confusing the hell out of me.
    Is it just me or is he lip syncing? Vocal harmonies in Ritual + his mouth hardly moved - though that was probably the mask getting in the way.
    Its Terry Tibbs! "Maserati 259, talk to me. " "its got creme leather seats" "half fat or full fat?"
    Well good to see part of his face, but totally love the idea of the faceless band, When one of them gets to where there is no getting along can very easily replace them. Surprised Gene Simmons wouldn't have copyright on that idea.
    Fuc****g gimmick...
    If anything the anonymity only puts more emphasis on their music than on who they are. They all, aside from the lead singer, dress identically and can't be told apart from eachother. They could switch instruments without anyone knowing and even have other musicians come in without others knowing. Their costumes are simple and kind of creates a mystery between the audience and the band that the internet age killed. There was a time when all a person knew about a band was their logo, their posters, any interviews or articles about them in music mags or newspaper articles, and word of mouth. How is that a bad thing that one band wants to try to emulate that connection once again?
    Amen. Although what you have just described is (unfortunately) sort of a gimmick these days...
    "If anything the anonymity only puts more emphasis on their music than on who they are." Not really. The opposite is the case. People are wondering who they are because of the masks. If they were just a normal band nobody would care about their names and faces.
    People judge others based on their looks. Often if they see a band before they hear them people form opinions about a band without even hearing the music. This way all the audience knows is that they know nothing about the band members. Why do people feel they deserve to now everything about other people? If they do not want to be publicly identified, why is that seen negatively?
    Yeah but their music is not that good either. The whole masks act is why they're getting popular. If not for that they'd be your run-of-the-mill band that didn't get signed because they're just not good enough. Hence, gimmick.
    "Their music is not that good either" In your opinion. If their music wasn't well liked, they wouldn't be popular regardless of the anonymity.
    Why would that even be a bad thing? I understand the "importance" of good music, but why is there such a miserable stigma attached to musicians attempting to create an entertaining stage show?
    I don't see what the problem is though. Maybe it's more fun for them to wear the costumes than it is to look boring on stage?
    I just cannot get into this band at all. So many ppl have recommended them to me, and then I hear them and I ask those ppl "do you even know what type pf music I listen to??" Seriously, some ppl try to tell me this is metal!! GTFO!!
    Aryan Death Man
    damn it... Why do they always have to kill mysteries ?
    He is still wearing a mask!
    Aryan Death Man
    That's even more badass!
    I actually think I prefer this mask. It looks like a normal, fairly awesome looking person, but in the closeups he looks so lifeless, like a puppet almost.
    Maybe things weren't happening for them as they expected, so they tried another form of calling attention for themselves.
    Goddamn playback. Really, Ghost? If the instruments aren't, the vocals sure as hell are. I'm severely disappointed.
    Are you ****ing kidding me? The only thing playback here is the choir. Do you want an entire choir joining in on stage??
    Ok...? How is this news at all? The dude's face is a Google search away. Slow day at the office, UG?
    DUDE!!! Dave Grohl was in Nirvana!?!? And the For Fighters!!!????? WhaaaaAATTT!!??!!