Papa Roach Enter Studio for New Album Recording

"So excited for this next phase, feeling inspired," says singer Jacoby Shaddix.

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Papa Roach have officially announced entering the studio to record a new album, a follow-up to 2012's "The Connection."

Singer Jacoby Shaddix did the talking via Facebook, expressing great excitement for the band's next endeavor. "Today is our first day in the studio in Las Vegas with producer Kevin Churko! So excited for this next phase of life ... feeling inspired," the vocalist noted, along with an attached photo.

Churko is known for working with such acts as Ozzy Osbourne, Five Finger Death Punch, In This Moment and Hellyeah. As for the eight Roach record, it's currently set for a tentative summer release.

"The Connection" saw its release in October 2012 via Eleven Seven Music, landing at No. 17 on the Billboard 200 chart with 22,000 units shipped in the US within the first week.

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    Papa Roach actually surprised me with their last album. Still Swinin', Where Did the Angels Go, and Leader of the Broken Hearts were all catchy songs.
    major label release done with a keyboard, apogee duet and a mac book. there is hope for all of us basement musicians UG.
    i've actually liked all of the albums they have done but the connection was a huge pile of crap. go back to the lovehatetragedy days !
    my 9th Grade Math teacher used to play music in class and Papa Roach was played often good times
    Not too fond of Papa Roach. I much prefer Junior Roach.
    Loving how people who don't give a shit about Papa Roach go and comment on Papa Roach news. Feels like people on this site hate on everything they don't love. Anyway, the attached picture does concern me, are they planning on making a, like, electric album or something? Because that would suck.
    They really haven't had anything that caught my attention since... like 10 years ago?
    The first two albums were pure nostalgia gold.. Lovehatetragedy was the one album they showed the most talent the band held at the time. Now they're just a joke with not only the worst album art I have ever seen, but the music is just cheesy and unappealing now. Getting Away With Murder was their last decent attempt of making decent music. Fuck this band.
    i've actually liked all of the albums they have done but the connection was a huge pile of crap. go back to the lovehatetragedy days !
    They should officially change their name to POOPOO ROACH.made that up myself. EDIT: and I must say, HILARIOUS pic of Justin Beiber's older brother. haha what a joke. Look at that tool
    Judging by thay pic i am womdering when did beiber join this crappy band? At least the real beibs might make them the slightest bit interesting
    Papa Roach should name the new album Pringles Ridges. Same initial makes sense. Maybe it's a sign.
    I think the picture attached to the article pretty much sums it all up, underneath it needs the caption: "I'm a tool, a tool, a very large tool".
    Come on, guys! For all haters and suckers, go listen to your popsi "music" and just shut up if you have no adequate thing to say...