Papa Roach Front Man Planned Suicide

Alcoholism and marriage almost led Papa Roach frontman Jacoby Shaddix to suicide.

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Classic Rock magazine is reporting that Papa Roach front man Jacoby Shaddix had contemplated suicide after the breakdown of his marriage, but decided against it at the last minute. In an interview with Metal Hammer, the singer revealed just how close he came to killing himself:

"I went to Sausalito to hang myself. I was in a f--king place, man. The booze, my lifestyle, this woman I'd been with since I was 16 I've never been that f--king broken. I was seriously going to finish it."

He cites that his drink problem, and the end of a 20 year relationship with his spouse had led him down a dark path.

"There was a point where she wanted to experience life without me... That was the moment I feared in life the most."

Shaddix decided against it though, after he realized he couldn't face "that last conversation with your family on the phone."

"Suicide that's the most selfish act. I decided I had to endure the pain I was going through. I f--king wrote a song instead."

The song, "Before I Die", appears on the band's upcoming seventh album, "The Connection". And, according to Shaddix, it took some convincing from his fellow bandmates before he was ready to use it:

"They were like, You've got to do that. Every time we make records you're always brutally honest about what you're going through."

In a recent interview with Loudwire, Shaddix explained the meaning of the upcoming album's title:

"What 'The Connection' means to us it's our connection to the music, the connection from fan to fan. It's like when Facebook fans start to get to know each other, they come to shows and meet each other and make friends. The connection Papa Roach makes is bigger than us sitting in a room jamming. We're just the facilitators for that."

"The Connection" is released on October 1st.

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    I'm not a fan of Papa Roach (will happily listen to them) but if he does commit suicide, it'll be another waste of good talent.
    Not a fan of his music, but I'm still very glad he didn't commit suicide nonetheless. No matter how s***y your life may be at some point, killing yourself is never a better option than gathering up the strength to face your problems and move on with your life.
    If he had Last Resort would be the most ironic song since, Nirvana's "I hate myself and want to die". glad he didn't no one should ever commit suicide unless they have a terminal illness.
    How ironic that he talks about this crap just as the band is releasing a new album...publicity stunt...I think so.
    Publicity stunt. Let's give him some encouragement, better luck next time. And your music blows.
    I will say regardless of what anyone else has to say, Papa Roach is my favorite band of all time! The reason they are still around today is because of how consistant they are with there music and never being afraid of what others will think of them which is what people should do honestly! There not afraid to be themselves or put there true emotions or feelings into a song & when songs like that are made, those are the songs that can change another persons life whether they realize it or not! Papa Roach as a huge fan of yours I will say no matter what any of you are going through, your music is what helps me get through my day and I can completely relate! I know for a fact that everyone out there can find at least 1 song of theres and relate to it! Papa Roach has variety in there music! Everything from singing about an ex, break up, don't care what pther people think, living for other people, being the best you can for yourself, or even singing about that 1 person that you just cant live without! Whether its a day from now or 50 yrs from now, I will always love this band!! Sincerely Kate Cunningham, a huge fan now & forever!!