Papa Roach: 'Our First Releases Were Embarrassing'

"I was a bed wetter too," says singer Jacoby Shaddix while sharing amazing life story.

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Chatting with Brian "Head" Welch of Korn, Papa Roach singer Jacoby Shaddix confessed considering the band's earliest efforts as nothing short of embarrassing. Head was the one to bring up the topic as he admitted being in "these cheesy bands" with future Korn bandmates Munky and Fieldy prior to forming the iconic nu metal act. Sharing a different story, Jacoby named Papa Roach as his very first band, meaning he went through all the "cheese" with them. "Haha, I'm gonna trip you out though because our first releases were embarrassing, you know if we go back and listen to the first P-Roach recordings, we sound like a cross between Mr. Bungle, Red Hot Chili Peppers and metal, haha. You know, that whole '90s scene that was funky and freaky - I even wore panty hose on my head," Shaddix said (via Loudwire), just to add: "Yeah, my embarrassing moments were in Papa Roach." During the rest of the chat, the pair showed much mutual respect, as Jacoby also discussed his childhood, revealing that his family was homeless at one point, living in a teepee by the river. "My parents were hippies, so at a young age, we were like ... I mean straight up, we were homeless for a minute when I was a little infant," he said. "Then we went from being homeless to living in somebody’s fenced-in laundry area. My dad was a Vietnam vet so he was kind of a recluse. He came back to America and just kinda dipped away out of society. Then he was a logger for a minute and, don’t laugh, but we lived in a teepee for a year." Head couldn't hide his surprise as the singer further explained, "I swear to God. For a year when I was a kid, man. Yeah, we bathed in the river, they dammed up a small little creek and lined it with tarps and we bathed in it." Welch was quick to ask the ultimate question: "Where'd you take a cr-p?" "In an outhouse or in a hole in the ground," Shaddix replied. "Then my life rapidly changed after my mom split with my dad and got with someone who was in the mainstream life style. That's when we got a black and white TV, then I went to a friend's house and found out the Smurfs were actually blue, I thought they were flesh colored, haha. "It was a pretty simple life. I mean my mom loved me and my stepdad loved me, but I had daddy issues because my biological father had bounced, so that was rough, you know. I was a bed wetter, too, so that kinda sucked. But then I found rock 'n' roll and that just put me in like a fast lane." The post ends with a clip showing strong bond between Korn and Papa Roach as they furiously sing "We're Not Gonna Take It" during a Twisted Sister show. Make sure to check it out below.

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    If he's referring to Infest, the only thing embarrassing about that is that its biggest song ripped off Iron Maiden for the verse riff (Last Resort). Other than that, it's a good album and a lot better than some of Papa Roach's latest stuff. If they didn't tour as often, they'd practically be anonymous here in Britain now cause I never see any of their new videos being played or albums being announced
    I think he means the first EP's they recorded, which were terrible
    Guess he should have stated that. Because almost everybody who thinks papa roach, considers Infest, or whatever it was called to be their first.
    Their first album is actually 1997 - Old Friends From Young Years. So I guess he didn't had Infest in mind
    Yeah, their firsts releases were really cool, even the EPs were waaay better than the "Metamorphosis" and the latter albums. To be honest, I'm kinda amazed how forgettable they've become, even compared to their first songs, which were incredibly underdeveloped (and badly sang), but had this spark, like "July".
    Infest is probably my favorite nu-metal release aside from Hybrid Theory. Even if the riffs are ripped off.
    That video - Most random thing ever, a bunch of nu-metal guys singing a glam song
    Yeah, you know whats even more embarrassing than their 90's stuff. The CRAP they make today. Theres nothing at all unique about it. Pretty sad the music that MADE them, is now embarrassing to them. Makes no sense at all. Usually a bands earlier stuff is their pride and joy, the best of.
    I don't see anything embarrassing about writing music that was in vogue at the time. I'm sure bands will look back at today's music and cringe. The thing I cringe about the most from the nu metal era is the ****ing clothes is used to wear. Like wearing a button shirt open with just the top button done like Chester Bennington, and the baggy jeans with a wallet chain aha
    I still like the baggy 3 quarter jeans with the cahin ... Living in the past :j
    Infest is the only album I have by them. My friend says their new album is brilliant apparently
    "Brilliant" may be a little strong, but I did find a couple tracks that were pretty good
    That's awesome that he is willing to share his personal stories. At least he is actually writing about truth when he writes songs about tradgedy and loss. Unlike other bands that write the same songs when they were born with a silver spoon.
    I have a new found respect for PRoach, especially Jacoby. His telling of his childhood experiences demonstrate a genuine down-to-earth quality that is refreshing, but more importantly, embodies the longevity that Papa Roach has attained. Considering how many bands have come & gone, PRoach is still putting out solid material and is what I consider a truly "underrated" band.
    You guys should really read the article before posting. He was talking about pre Infest recordings I am pretty sure.
    Personally- I think their earlier albums are their better ones. The newer stuff is too Sleaze Rock for me.
    Infest was good for its time. Lovehatetragedy was a brilliant step in a more mainstream hard rock way and Paramour Sessions is a ****ing masterpiece. Everything they've done since then is what should be considered the embarrassment.
    It refers to Potatoes for Christmas and Old Friends From Young Years, I got all these records and yes they are pretty bad, but I dont care! If you are about to talk shit about them , please KNOW them before you do so...
    Infest and lovehatetragedy were their only good albums. After that they came out with "Scars" and became emo and gay
    I honestly had no idea papa roach were still around. I loved last resort when I was like 10 years old.
    I think the first albums were great its their current work that can seem embarrassing.