Papa Roach Single: Fan's Choice

Jacoby Shaddix said that the third single from the band's latest album was a fan favorite even before the group's fans had heard the recorded version of the song.

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Papa Roach singer Jacoby Shaddix said that the third and latest single from the band's "Getting Away With Murder" album, called "Take Me", was a fan favorite even before the group's fans had heard the recorded version of the song, reports Launch Radio Networks. "We went out and did a tour even before our record came out, and we were playing 'Take Me' and 'Murder' and 'Done With You' and 'Not Listening' live," he said. "'Take Me' was another song that people, by the end of the song, were, like, singing along with. To this day, like, I just think it's a really solid song and it's a powerful song, it's got a killer chorus and it rocks live, so...I just think we've got to make a great video for it."

"Getting Away With Murder" arrived in September of 2004 and has produced two previous singles: "Scars" and the title track. Papa Roach's third major label album, "Getting Away With Murder" was recently certified gold for sales of more than 500,000 copies. Papa Roach plays this Friday (April 15) in Los Angeles, California and Saturday (April 16) in San Diego, California.

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    ^ Jacoby Shaddix is his "real life" name. Coby Dick was a nickname derived directly from jacoby shaddix. i don't see how your friend would think its someone different though, he sounds exactly the same. slap her once or twice for me.
    Yes the singer of papa roach is the same. He just goes by his real name now (Jacoby Shaddix) instead of Coby Dick. I like Take Me. It was funny cause Scars is the only song on the album I really don't like and they released it as a single. And if you have nothing to say other than "PAPA ROACH SUX LOLZ!!!..111one" then don't bother saying anything or wasting the keystrokes.
    I didn't like papa roach at all when they first came out, but the new songs prove that they're maturing as a band.
    Seems 90% here doesn't understand people don't care about your posts if it's a 'I don't like this band' post.
    stumaster18: papa roach is terrible anyone who likes them should hand in their penis right now. i agree
    ya i played a show with papa roach at the gas_lighter back before they were big,and now they dont give a f*** about there old friends cause there selfish asses
    i've the 1st n 2nd album but i haven't got the latest. i heard the singles so far n i guess its ok. they've never disappoint me so far. every album gets better. if only i'm not broke 2 get this album, i'll know how "take me" sounds like.
    i think they only have like 3 songs that ae good on infest...but i dont think they deserve all the radio attention.
    getting away with murder is sweet i didnt really like much papa roach b4 this one came out but man now im a big fan
    so a me and a friend have this ongoig argument that the singer from p-roach is some new guy. she thinks its someone else, i still belive its coby dick (same guy as the last two albums) to put this to rest, is it the same guy or not!?
    Take Me is IMHO the best song on the album...great choice BTW Papa Roach rock big-time
    i use to think they were good. they still are a pretty good band, just not what im into.
    I've been a fan of 'Take Me' since I bought the album, good choice for a single. I always liked their first album, mostly for the guitar playing, but this new one has a greater sense of melody coming from the whole band, which is great in my opinion.
    I prefer their new stuff to their old sutff. It shows Coby can really sing, Scars is an awesome single and I think the rest of the album is pretty good too.
    i like proach they rock but Scars sounds like a fu ckin linkin park song