Papa Roach: 'We Became the Fabric of Rock 'N' Roll in Early 2000s'

Jacoby Shaddix discusses the impact of "Infest."

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Papa Roach frontman Jacoby Shaddix has been speaking with Artisan News Direct about the impact of the band's debut album, "Infest," which sees its 15th Anniversary next year.

As Shaddix notes, he considers the record a landmark of 2000s metal:

"It's the fifteen year anniversary next year, and we're talking about doing something special for that. It'll be interesting to see what we do. It's awesome to look back and see that we have a classic record that really affected music. We became the fabric of rock and roll in the early 2000s and we've been around since. It's a great feeling."

Shaddix, who was presenting an award at the Revolver Golden Gods also shared his thoughts on Axl Rose receiving a life time achievement award:

"It's pretty cool y'know. If Axl shows up on time and perform on time tonight, he deserves the award. If he doesn't, then boo!"

Papa Roach are currently working on new material in Las Vegas with producer Kevin Churko.

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    I hope this gets more than 50 dislikes
    Okay, but in all seriousness, he's not COMPLETELY full of it. Papa Roach's first album became a staple of early 2000's rock. Most people know at least one of their songs at this point, and Last Resort was all over the place when it first came out; movies, TV shows, wrestling, you name it. They might not be the best, but Infest was definitely a hit.
    I thnink their song "Last Resort" was the only thing classic about Papa Roach because it's basically the only thning I know about them.
    That this song or pretty much anything about Papa Roach gets called "classic" is one of the many examples this term is ****ing retarded.
    I don't think that anyone who has called themselves "the fabric of rock n' roll" at any point hasn't been a douchebag.
    Funny. The more shitty the bands are the more narcissistic comments they make.
    Dey bcame da fabic of pozer mutulz.
    I do have to agree with Kerry here, bc ever since Papa Roach came out, there has been a lot more "scene" kids and fakes.
    Same thing happened with Glam Metal in the 80s, and alternative "Grunge" metal in 90s. As long as a genre is popular there will be people trying to fake their way into it to get popular. A person CANNOT complain about rock music being popular and then complain if a subgenre is popular that it is filled with posers. Where popular bands roam, cheap imitations follow. No one will remember the majority of shite artists in 25 years, but they will remember the good bands.
    His persona and comments aside... holy shit 15 years ago? I remember buying it with my own money a few weeks after it came out.
    this guy had like, 1 hit and all the sudden he thinks he's the 5hit 15 years later. LULZ.
    Judging by all the hype "Last Resort" got, I think the guy's got a point there.
    I remember listening to Between Angels and Insects on repeat when I was 11 or 12 years old. I loved that song. Infest definitely had some good songs...I can't believe these guys are still around though. The singer looks incredibly douchey.
    Hes not wrong. This album is older than most UG ers I reckon. Its a solid album, by a band that continue to sell out shows. Nu metal, like all other forms of metal has its place. Mind you, I've never come across a more judgemental music fan then a metal head.
    Hipsters. Hipsters are more judgmental. But some Metal heads are extremely judgmental too. Not all though. Some I know are the most open people I know.
    That album may have been popular 15 years ago with nu-metal kids but I wouldn't call it a classic. I'm pretty sure that most people who bought it back then must feel quite ashamed of having it in their album collection today.
    Still proud to have that record in my collection, just like hybrid theory etc. those albums defined my taste in music at a very young age.
    I'm not ashamed at all to still have the album. Regardless of if he sounds like a bit of a douche in the quotes above I still dig the songs Broken Home, Infest, Between Angels And Insects and Dead Cell. Good songs (IMO of course) are still good songs 15 years later...
    I love Infest, everything else they have done is complete and utter shit compared to it. It's a really solid album. Great album to play along to in drop d too. Infest, Hybrid Theory and Toxicity are my favorite early 2000's nu-metal albums.
    o-****ing-k theyre the fabric, if theyre the fabric of rock then bieber is a metal god. the audacity to claim that is a little far fetched id say. i didnt even know roach was still around
    i feel like rock n roll was at its longest drought for good music in the early 2000's, and papa roach along with many other shitty bands of that generation helped create it.
    Why do some artists do this to themselves? Saying controversial and overconfident shit :/
    Nero Galon
    I don't understand why people are disliking this. It is undeniable that Jacoby and Papa Roach were one of the biggest bands of millennial nu-metal. He's pointing out nothing but the obvious...
    Why does he have that dumbass Bieber haircut, seems like he's having an age identity crisis or some shit.
    I gotta say I really liked Lovehatetragedy. Every song was solid, and my favorite release by far from them. Every thing after that wasn't my cup of tea.
    I was too busy watching the background. Pierce the Veil, guys with dreaded beards, what's not to love?