Papa Roach: 'We Became the Fabric of Rock 'N' Roll in Early 2000s'

artist: Papa Roach date: 04/28/2014 category: music news

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Papa Roach: 'We Became the Fabric of Rock 'N' Roll in Early 2000s'
Papa Roach frontman Jacoby Shaddix has been speaking with Artisan News Direct about the impact of the band's debut album, "Infest," which sees its 15th Anniversary next year.

As Shaddix notes, he considers the record a landmark of 2000s metal:

"It's the fifteen year anniversary next year, and we're talking about doing something special for that. It'll be interesting to see what we do. It's awesome to look back and see that we have a classic record that really affected music. We became the fabric of rock and roll in the early 2000s and we've been around since. It's a great feeling."

Shaddix, who was presenting an award at the Revolver Golden Gods also shared his thoughts on Axl Rose receiving a life time achievement award:

"It's pretty cool y'know. If Axl shows up on time and perform on time tonight, he deserves the award. If he doesn't, then boo!"

Papa Roach are currently working on new material in Las Vegas with producer Kevin Churko.

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